Saturday, December 5, 2015

Down on the Farm:'s Giants Top 30 Prospects

Yesterday, we reported on BA's Giants top 10 prospect list. released their top prospect lists at the same time.  Interestingly, their top 10 is quite different than BA's and they put out a top 30 list.  Here  it is:

1.  Tyler Beede
2.  Christian Arroyo
3.  Phil Bickford
4.  Lucious Fox
5.  Sam Coonrod
6.  Kyle Crick
7.  Jalen Miller
8.  Chris Shaw
9.  Steven Okert
10.  Josh Osich(ineligible according to BA)
11. Aramis Garcia
12. Adalberto Mejia
13. Mac Williamson
14. Chris Stratton
15. Andrew Suarez
16. Mac Marshall
17. Hunter Cole
18. Austin Slater
19. Ray Black
20. Ty Blach
21. Clayton Blackburn
22. Cody Hall
23. Michael Santos
24. Ryder Jones
25. Joan Gregorio
26. Derek Law
27.  Joe Biagini
28.  Chase Johnson
29.  Dylan Davis
30.  Steven Duggar

Jarrett Parker, who was #8 on BA's list is left off entirely.  BA said Osich is not eligible.  Other names I would question being on the list at all include Okert, Marshall, Hall, Biagini, Davis and Duggar.   Crick and Miller are both quite a bit higher than I would list them.  Coonrod is again higher than I would list them, although it is intriguing that he is so high on both lists.  Some additional names I would strongly consider for the Top 30 include Jordan Johnson, Johneshwy Fargas, Mikey Edie, Deiyerbert Bolivar, and Rodolfo Martinez.  I might also consider Ronnie Jebavy over Steven Duggar, but that's a close call.  I just know that if Jordan Johnson, Fargas and Rodolfo Martinez can't crack the Top 30, then that's a very deep system!


  1. We got Samardzija... Adios first pick. Not sure what to think of this

    1. If a mid first round pick produced as much value over his career as Samardzija does over the next 5 years, it'd be an upset.

  2. People outside the organization sure think highly of Coonrod. Maybe they see something we don't. I think he is a good player but I wouldn't think top 20. I would definitely pencil him after Chase Johnson.

  3. Blackburn at #21 and behind Blach?? Total foolishness..Clayton is another one like Panik, DUffy, others that will far surpass what the stubborn "experts" initially predicted and refused to admit being wrong about...Maybe it's the weight up till last year and the lack of a 97 mph FB..Guy is gonna be a Giant starter for 10 years!


  4. They're very low on Blackburn. Lowest PCL ERA in 5 years or something like that. That's impressive. I think you're under rating Coonrod; although, Chase Johnson does seem to be doing the same thing at a higher level.

  5. I think this is the mid-season update with the inclusion of the draft picks I am not sure because I have been taking a hard look everyday at the 2016 draft prospects on their site and I can't open anything besides that. I'm just not sure.

  6. Wrenzie is correct this the mid-season update. did not release their top prospects at the same time.