Friday, December 4, 2015

Down on the Farm: BA's Top 10 Giants Prospects

Well, the interminable wait for Zack Greinke to make up his mind drags on.  I'll just throw this out there:  If you really believe he is enough of a difference maker to pay him $35 M per year for 5 years, is it really that much more of a risk to make it 6 years?  I mean, after awhile, risk stops having meaning in these situations.

So, BA's top 10 Giants prospects comes out just in time to break up the monotony.  Here it is:

1.  Christian Arroyo

2.  Tyler Beede

3.  Phil Bickford

4.  Lucious Fox

5.  Chris Shaw

6.  Sam Coonrod

7.  Aramis Garcia

8.  Clayton Blackburn

9.  Jarrett Parker

10.  Adalberto Mejia

My own top 6 right now, although it could change, is Arroyo, Beede, Bickford, Blackburn, Fox and Big Mac, but I'm not sure of the exact order.  I can't really argue with Shaw in the top 5.  I really, really like his bat, but I'm not sure why they picked Coonrod's name out of a hat and left the Johnsons's, who throw just as hard, and did it at higher levels.  Putting Parker in the top 10 while leaving Big Mac off is pretty egregious too.  I guess the take home message can be that a system in which Big Mac can't crack the top 10 is a darn good system!

In the chat, JJ Cooper actually had some really good things to say about the Giants current farm system and about their scouting, development and coaching.  A couple of knuckleheads, probably MCC readers/commenters, kept trying to get him to say it's either the worst system in baseball or bottom 5.  He kept insisting it is at least middle of the pack and probably underrated due to the Giants recent track record of developing hitters.

Like me, Cooper seems to think that Beede's slide in AA was mostly due to fatigue from his first exposure to the minor league grind.  He also reiterated that the lower velocity and lower K's is due to the switch to the 2-seam FB and trying to improve command which worked out great until he got fatigued.


  1. One more thought about Greinke: Whotheheck cares if the D'Backs are bidding on him? If I were the Giants, I might actually breath a huge sigh of relief if Greinke signed with the Snakes! I mean half of Greinke's value to the Giants is getting him away from the Dodgers. If he goes to the D'Backs, the Giants have already won half the battle. 1. I am not nearly as afraid if Greinke in a D'Backs uniform as a Dodger uniform. 2. The Giants are then not on the hook for the enormous risk of one contract and can spread that risk over at least 2 other players. 3. The Giants do not have to face him any more often than if he was a Dodger. 4. The Dodgers would have to face him 5 or 6 times instead of none.

  2. Looks like the Cubs lost their first round pick for.....wait for it.....John Lackey! Hah

  3. Grienke signed with D'Backs.

  4. Some MCC readers/commenters are a bunch of bandwagoners and just plain old dumb that's why I don't read any of their comments at all whenever I read a MCC post. Giants have a solid system and will never have a Urias or a Moncadas or the Correas unless the front office wants to tank or they become ultra aggressive with the 16 year olds to just make the Giants noticeable on the radar, well the industry is starting to pick up the Giants methods of developing and even starting to defend the farm. One of the guys on JJ's chat was never aware of the mechanics and control issues of Beede while at Vandy causing the major overhaul and Beede not having a plus pitch anymore (cutter's a plus pitch). Bless that guy's soul.

    What surprised me is Jarrett Parker. JJ kept telling that he's 11 on the list but I slot Mac higher than Parker as well. But overall, BA put up a solid list.

  5. Looks fair enough. Mac is a year younger than Parker but has been a year behind as well. He's also 2 years from his really good season, while Parker is just coming off of his.