Sunday, May 24, 2015

Game Wrap 5/24/2015: Rockies 11 Giants 2

This will be short.  The Giants basically punted this game, the 4'th of 4 games in the series to be delayed by the weather.  Hard to blame them as it must have been a miserable experience.  Tim Hudson has never had much success in Coors Field and he got shelled today.  The Giants offense got a leadoff single by Nori Aoki then nothing until the top of the 8'th inning when it was 11-0.

The Giants do not lose ground to the Dodgers who lost to the Padres.

The road trip now moves to Milwaukee where Tim Lincecum faces Kyle Lohse in game one in a early Memorial Day game tomorrow.

Oh, and as we all now know, Casey McGehee was DFA'd to make room for Hunter Strickland on the roster while Matt Duffy was named the starter at 3B.


  1. As for the game, I'm just glad the team got out of town safely. Two out of four at Coors Field is just fine.

    Tough situation for McGehee, and it sounds like he handled things professionally. But I think the FO made the right decision. In fact, I would have penciled in Duffy at 3B over the winter, but giving the veteran a shot was probably a reasonable move. As Baggarly alludes to in his article, it seems like Bobby Evans is doing things his way, now that he's in charge, which certainly isn't the Sabean Way. Good for Evans!

    1. I had the same thought about Bobby Evans. Not that there is no precedence for the organization making tough decisions about struggling veterans, but this seemed, well, maybe a bit more decisive than what we've seen in the past. On the other hand, almost every time the Giants have made a tough decision to release or bench a veteran in favor of a younger player, the younger player has gotten the job done. So maybe they are just getting more confident as on organization in their young players who they have drafted and developed.