Sunday, May 10, 2015

Game Wrap 5/10/2015: Giants 3 Marlins 2

Another strong performance from Ryan Vogelsong kept the Marlins close enough for the Giants to score 2 runs in the 9'th for a come-from-behind walk-off win.  Key Lines:

Norichika Aoki- 2 for 4, BB, SB(9).  BA= .282.  Aoki had been in a mini-slump but came out of it today with a typical Aoki performance.

Matt Duffy- 1 for 5.  BA= .273.  Bruce Bochy rested 3 players who needed two days off with an off day tomorrow.  All 3 replacements played key roles in the Win.  Duffy played a solid defensive SS, but was 0 for 4 until he hit the 2-out, bases-loaded single through the left side to drive in the walk-off winning run.  He told Amy G after the game that he had done the math and figured out if he came up in inning, the there would be 2 outs, the bases would be loaded and the game tied.

Brandon Belt- 2 for 4. BA= .306.  Stay hot, Brandon!

Andrew Susac- 1 for 4.  BA= .250. Susac started at catcher in place of Posey and started the winning rally with a single to RF.

Gregor Blanco- 3 for 4, 2 2B.  BA= .230.  Blanco started in  CF in place of Pagan.  He would  have driven in the tying run in the 9'th with what might have been a triple, but Ichiro knew he was going to have to play the ball off he wall anyway and faked like he was about to catch it, causing pinch-runner Joaquin Arias to hold up near 2B before proceeding to 3B when he finally saw the ball hit off the wall.  Had he not held up, he should have easily scored from first on the hit.

Ryan Vogelsong- 7 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 5 K's.  ERA= 5.67.  Vogie looked just like he did in his last start, letting the FB go and dominating with it, setting up his secondary pitches which he used sparingly but effectively.  2 very solids starts in a row for Vogie now.  Hesto Presto will need to step it up next start or two if he does not want to be the odd man out when Peavy and/or Cain come back.

The Win left the Giants in 3'rd place, 5 games behind the NL West leading Dodgers who beat the Reeling Rockies 9-5 after the snow was cleared off Coors Field.  The 2'nd place Padres dropped to 4.5 games out after a 2-1 loss to the 4'th place D'Backs who are 6 games out of first place.  The Giants are 0.5 games back in the race for the 2'nd Wild Card playoff spot.

The Giants now get a day off before traveling to Houston to face the surprising AL West leaders in a 2 game series to start a road trip.


  1. That was a heck of an ending. I was sweating bullets. Especially when Aoki got behind 1-2 in the count with 2 outs already on the board. But it all worked out.

    With Vogelsong pitching like he can still pitch, at least the last couple of games, I think Heston is close to a lock to go back down when Peavy or Cain comes back up.. Bochy, love him or hate him for this, is loyal to his veterans. And yet I read this, this AM, which makes me wonder about Cain & Peavy and their rehab prognosis:

    Giants Likely To Sign Ricky Romero
    By Charlie Wilmoth [May 11, 2015 at 7:09am CDT]

    MAY 11: The Giants and Romero are making progress on a deal and could have something finalized as soon as today, reports Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet (via Twitter). Romero would report to extended Spring Training with the Giants upon completion of the deal.

    1. I feel your pain, felt the same way with Aoki. I'm starting to, though, feel like he's good like Scutaro in handling the bat no matter what the count is. I would also note his long AB gave Duffy a lot of looks at the pitcher, allowing him to feel more comfortable batting against Cichek. Classic Ted Williams Science of Hitting, where he recommends that the leadoff hitter takes a lot of pitches in order to give the following batters a good look at the pitcher's repertoire, it certainly helped Duffy.

      Not sure why you are worried with Romero signing. He's in rehab too and seems like Peavy is closer to returning to majors than he is. In any case, he's a former ace level starter and the Giants took a flier on him, much like they did with a lot of other pitchers in recent years, some of whom worked, others who did not.

      Also, I would note that Bochy is loyal to whomever he feels will produce for him now and in the future. Veterans are generally more likely to produce than rookies, plain fact. But he will go with less experienced, less salaried, less renown players if he feels that is the best situation for winning (making Torres starter over Rowand in 2010, Cody Ross too, not placing Zito on the 2010 playoff rosters, dropping Sandoval from starting lineup in 2010 World Series, installing Belt and Crawford as starters, leaving Lincecum out of 2012 playoff rotation for the most part and for all of 2014 playoffs, using Susac, Duffy, and Perez in key situations and often in 2014 World Series, they could have picked up vets off waiver wire or trade, always some vet available). That and the fact that players will still play for him afterward (Zito after 2010, Lincecum after 2012 and 2014, Sandoval after 2010) and contribute to additional titles are what impresses me about his managerial abilities.

  2. I think Romero is a project and maybe insurance for next year when they potentially lose at least two of their starters. The Jays gave up on him because they didn't think his knee would allow him to contribute much this year.
    IMO Belt's HR power decline is probably a result of him trying to beat the shift. Hopefully he start cranking some out though as the Giants could use at least the threat of his power.
    Giants have some interesting bullpen arms in the minor if they are going to make a trade, either as pieces of the trade or to call up to replace those traded. Looks like we are well stocked there.

    Billy Baseball

    1. To the extent I've seen him hit, I've noticed Belt has been beating the shift a lot this season. The recent four-hit game he sprayed the ball across the field. Yesterday his RBI single was to left.