Friday, May 1, 2015

Down on the Farm: 4/30/2015

AAA  Sacramento River Cats defeated the El Paso Chihuahuas 4-2:

Ronny Cedeno(SS)- 2 for 4, 2 2B.  BA= .291.
Adam Duvall(3B)- 1 for 4, HR(6).  BA= .360.
Robert Coello(RHP)- 6 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 6 K's.  ERA= 3.86.
Mike Broadway(RHP)- 2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 5 K's, Save(2).  ERA= 0.84.

Is Broadway someone who could be stretched out to start?


AA Richmond Flying Squirrels were idle.


High A  Visalia Rawhide whipped the San Jose Giants 7-5:

Jesus Galindo(CF)- 2 for 5, CS(5).  BA= .241.
Hunter Cole(2B)- 2 for 5.  BA= .310.
Austin Slater(SS)- 3 for 5.  BA= .302.
Brian Ragira(1B)-2 for 4, 2B.  BA= .149.
Ryder Jones(3B)- 1 for 4, 2B.  BA= .320.
Brennan Metzger(RF)- 2 for 4, 2B.  BA= .500.
Ben Turner(Catcher)- 2 for 4.  BA= .225.
Keury Mella(RHP)- 2.2 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 2 K.  ERA= 4.58.
Jason Forjet(RHP)- 2.2 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 2 K's.  ERA= 1.93.

Look who played SS!  Little Giants will have a logjam up the middle when Arroyo comes back.  Brennan Metzger has a successful high A debut.  Rough start for Mella.


Low A  Augusta Greenjackets topped the Lakewood Blueclaws 7-5 in 10 innings:

Johneshwy Fargas(RF)- 1 for 4, 3B, BB, SB(11).  BA= .313.
Jonah Arenado(3B)- 2 for 5, HR(4).  BA= .282.
Aramis Garcia(Catcher)- 1 for 4, HR(3).  BA= .176.
John Riley(DH)- 2 for 4, 2B.  BA= .298.
Jose Reyes(RHP)- 6.2 IP, 10 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 1 K, GO/AO= 11/4.  ERA= 2.35.

Fargas, Arenado and Riley are probably the 3 biggest stories out of Augusta in the first month of the season.  Anybody else as stoked as I am about the early season success of Jonah Arenado there?


  1. Color me stoked about those Augusta hitters as well. I remember reading Shankbone's in-depth analysis of the 2013 draft class a couple summers ago and thinking the Giants prep bats had a lot of upside. While others were scoffing at Arroyo, Shankbone (and folks around here) were actually pointing out the toolset he had. As I started doing my own research on the class, it was hard not to be excited about the 5-some of Arroyo, Jones, Fargas, Arenado, and even Riley, who was a late round sign with a pre-draft ranking around 150 if I remember right. Fargas' profile at Perfect Game made my eyes pop a bit, and now it sounds like scouts are starting to see that high ceiling come out. Very cool!

    I have to say, the Giants farm feels a bit like the MLB club right now. There are some stories to follow, like the Augusta boys, Mac and Crick in Richmond, the pen arms in Sac, and the plethora of talent in San Jose. But right now the level of play just isn't where I'd hoped it would be. After one month, there really isn't one player in the system right now who stands out. There are many who are off to nice starts, but the big breakout is missing for the moment. Hopefully somebody will catch fire this summer.

    A note on the San Jose infield. I've watched a couple televised games, and it's not pretty. I think they're missing Arroyo (though he isn't really a plus defender either). I'll chalk last night up to a couple guys (Slater and Cole) who haven't played a ton of infield in the last couple years, but Slater let a routine pop up drop (Ritzo said there was no wind), and Cole let one fly into the 1B seats. Ryder Jones has had a rough go of it too... Not sure what's going on!

  2. I think if all goes well i think by mid year Arendo goes to San Jose this year. Maybe with a good spring next year gets assign to AA or start at A and good start gets a promotion to AA.

    1. That would be extremely aggressive promoting for Arenado. I expect him to remain in Augusta all season.