Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hot Tip: Ryan Sadowski Featured on MLBTR Podcast

Our old friend, Ryan Sadowski, is featured on a MLBTR podcast discussing the Korean Baseball Organization.  He is representing Global Sporting Integration, a company that assists ballplayers in transitioning to and from Asia.  Glad to see that Ryan has found a way to put his baseball experiences to a good use as he transitions out of of playing career.


  1. My last family member to 'transition' out of baseball now manages a AAA team. So, not much of a transition...

  2. "Cubs’ press conference announcing their signing of Jon Lester and reported on the importance President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein placed on the move. “It’s not every day the best free agent goes to a team that finished in last place. We knew early on that if we signed Jon Lester, it would be about belief. It was because he would believe in us, believe in our future, and believe that winning a World Series with the Cubs was a unique opportunity.“

    now that's some self serving shit. Theo, the world waits.

  3. Great podcast. Sadowski gave some very favorable reports on Kang. Certainly seems worth a flyer to try him out at third - or second for another team. It will be fun watching his transition elsewhere. The reports on his strong throwing arm were especially encouraging.

  4. good for sadow

    always liked him


  5. Has Sabean talked to Ruben about Byrd yet?

    Or White Sox' Hahn about Viciedo?

    Have to imagine both ask for Susac first which is a clear no, then drop their demands to the next level which would be Crick or Blackburn. Sabean probably walks away with empty hands.


    1. I have no information on either situation. Philly was rumored to be demanding that Ryan Howard be included in any Byrd trade, so that would be a non-starter. Viciedo is a terrible fielder. Seems like they would have just gone with Morse who is a much better hitter, if they were willing to put up with bad D.