Thursday, October 29, 2015

Giants Depth Charts: Second Base

I was surprised to find that second base has thinned out some organization wide.  Part of that is the graduations of Joe Panik and Kelby Tomlinson.  Some is due to departures of players like Jeremy Sy and Ryan Jones.  The good news is that 2B seems to be a relatively easy position to transition to.  Not that it's an easy position to play, but it does not require the tools that other positions like SS require.  Again, this depth chart is my opinion of where players stand in the Giants organization.


Joe Panik
Kelby Tomlinson
Ehire Adrianza

With Panik and Tomlinson being so good and both relatively young, it probably does not matter that the position has thinned a bit down in the minors.


Brandon Hicks

The Giants caught lightning in a bottle once with Hicks.  It seems unlikely to happen again.


Austin Slater

Slater is one of the better up and coming hitters in the organization.  He's getting extra AB's in the Arizona Fall League.  I expect to see him in Sacramento in 2016.

High A

John Polonius

Probably an organizational player at this point.

Low A

Richard Rodriguez

DSL veteran finished the season strongly for Augusta.  A bit old for Augusta at age 23.

Short Season

Richard Amion

Late round draftee from 2014.  Has a lot of speed but needs to hit more consistently.

Rookie AZL

Kevin Rivera
Tyler Brown

Rivera is a project who seemed to make some progress in 2015.  Brown was a teammate of Phil Bickford's in JC ball.  He had a great AZL campaign and at age 20 is not all that old for the league.  Brown is an interesting prospect who I will be watching for in 2016.


Robert Antunez
Manuel Geraldo

Antunez' numbers seem kind of nondescript to me.  Geraldo is listed as a SS but played 2B most of the first half of the season before moving back to SS.  I really like Geraldo a lot based on his size and numbers.  I look forward to seeing what he can do in the States.


  1. Tomlinson is an interesting case. He hit over .300 in close to 200AB. I would call that a decent sample size. The question is what to do with him. Barring injury Panik is the second baseman. Where does Tomlinson go? Outfield? Trade bait? It would be a shame for him to rot on the bench. Seems like a good kid. Hope Specs has a nice little career wherever he may end up.

    1. Very decent, and yet not conclusive either. So far, so good, in other words.

      It's been pretty clear that the Giants are prepping Tomlinson for the super utility role that they were going to try with Duffy last spring until both McGehee failed and Duffy kept on hitting, and he won the starting 3B position. Especially with the talk about seeing him in the OF for 2016 by prepping him in instructionals. He's going to be insurance at probably all the infield positions, and perhaps also in the corner OF, if he catches on well enough.

      I doubt very much that they will trade him, unless he somehow yields a good starting pitcher or starting CF (bundled with other prospects). I don't see that happening but you never know what a team will give up.

      Yes, seems like a very good kid, very humble, great story. Makes it very easy to root for him.

  2. Keep him. Speed, bat skills, good defense. I'm certain Boch will keep jim gainfully employed inthe field and at the plate. And there is always that CF experiment Doc, Shank et al have discussed of late.