Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Down on the Farm: DrB's 2015 Giants Top 50 Prospects Review Honorable Mention Part 3

Again, this is a REVIEW of 2015.  The 2016 list will be coming out later in the offseason:

Alberto Robles, IF.  DNP.  Stock Down.

Joe Biagini, RHP.  AA:  10-7, 2.42, 130.1 IP, 34 BB, 84 K's, GO/AO= 1.47.

Giants patience with this low round draft pick seems to be finally paying off.  Breakout season.  Stock- Up!

Pat Young, RHP.  Low A:  8-5, 3.39, 82.1 IP, 34 BB, 64 K, GO/AO= 2.03.

Numbers don't look too bad, but he washed out of high A.  Stock- Stable.

Joe Kurrasch, LHP.  DNP.  Stock- Down.

Tyler Rogers, RHP.  High A:  5-1, 1.47, 79.1 IP, 20 BB, 86 K's, GO/AO= 2.69.  AA:  0-1, 5.91, 10.2 IP, 5 BB, 15 K's.

One of the workhorses of the SJ bullpen.  ERA not so good in a SSS with AA, but the peripherals there look good.  Again, SSS.  Stock- Up.

Tyler Mizenko, RHP.  AA:  4-3, 1.98, 50.0 IP, 14 BB, 28 K's, GO/AO= 2.67.

Extreme GB pitcher.  Will this kind of line work at the MLB level as a middle reliever?  Stock- Up.

Martin Agosta, RHP.  High A:  5-9, 4.25, 106 IP, 26 BB, 125 K's.

Terrific K and BB rates but gives up a lot of HR's.  I'm predicting a breakout next season in AA.  Stock- Up.

Nick Vander Tuig, RHP.  High A:  3-0, 2.73, 33 IP, 6 BB, 17 K's, GO/AO= 1.30.

Was getting his best results since being drafted then disappeared after 6/16/2015.  TJ?

Stock- Stable.

Rafael Rodriguez, OF.   High A:  .293/.341/.366 in 82 games.

DNP after 5/3/2015.  Stock- Down.


  1. Vander Tuig had a second TJ. Here's what he has to say about it.

    “I’m not really in control. All I can do is my part to stay healthy,” said Vander Tuig, the Oakdale High graduate who was off to a strong start this spring with the San Jose Giants. “I will play as long as I can. If my body doesn’t allow me to, I’ll hang it up if I need to hang it up.”

    Read more here:

    1. Always tough to overcome injury history. Bandilla, Vander Tuig, Ray Black come to mind. Every team takes shots at these type of pitchers, it'll be interesting to see how a high profile big name like Giolito pans out.

      I have been catching up on reading, I noticed DrB had a great point about Zimmermann being a risky big figure sign the other day, a TJ survivor, its almost like there is a ticking clock til the next one. And the # of pitchers who come back from 2 are few and far between. Brian Wilson couldn't for long. A B-Tier FA like Scott Kazmir comes with quite a lot of injury risk. The Dodgers signed a bunch of these types - Brandon McCarthy got hurt quick. Can Ryu come back?

      I think health is the new frontier in stats. And so much of that is conditioning, history, having good medical evaluations...

  2. buster olney is reporting that the bums just fired two of their advance scouts and since end of season, have terminated 15 from baseball ops

    they may have won the west, but that org is still a huge mess

    so happy to be a giants fan, where stability is the key


  3. Regarding the question about Bryce BANDILLA the other day, I saw this in Baseball America...

    Reinstated from DL: RHP Carlos Alvarado, RHP Greg Brody, RHP Jeff Burke, RHP Tyler Cyr, RHP Austin Fleet, RHP Joan Gregorio, RHP Olbis Parra, RHP Robert Ramer, LHP Bryce Bandilla, LHP Ricky Romero, C Gabriel Cornier, C Jared Deacon, C Travis Higgs, C Leo Rojas, 3B Mitch Delfino, 3B Ryder Jones, SS Cristian Paulino, SS Ydwin Villegas, OF Gustavo Cabrera, OF Johneshwy Fargas, OF Hector Mercedes"

    So, guys like Fleet, Bandilla, Cabrerea and others are still with the organization, just dealing with some type of injury...