Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Down on the Farm: Giants 2015 Draft Review Picks 21-40

We'll only cover the signees here, to save time and typing.  Again, Grades are for present performance only and for fun only.

Round 21.  Ryan Halstead, RHP.  Short Season:  1-2, 2.33, 27 IP, 4 BB, 32 K's, 8 Saves.  Impressive debut for this college closer.  Grade B+.

Round 22.  Dominic Mazza, LHP.  Rookie AZL:  3-0, 1.27, 21.1 IP, 4 BB, 24 K's.  Short Season:  0-0, 0.00, 4.1 IP, 0 BB, 4 K's.  The forgotten Gaucho.  Nice pro debut, but needs a larger sample size at a  higher level.  Grade C+.

Round 23.  Dillon Dobson, IF.  Rookie AZL:  .297/.347/.475 in 202 AB.  Short Season:  .182/.217/.273 in 22 AB.  Needs more AB's at a higher level.  Grade C.

Round 24.  Zachary Bowers, C.  Rookie AZL:  .165/.302/.278 in 79 AB.  8 of his 13 hits were for XBH's.  Grade D+.(The + is for taking a lot of walks and showing some power potential).

Round 26.  Tyler Brown, IF.  Rookie AZL:  .356/.422/.540 in 87 AB.  Phil Bickford's JC teammate.  As a 20 yo JC draftee, rookie ball is not a totally inappropriate level.  Very intriguing prospect.  Grade B.

Round 27.  Bryan Case, C.  Rookie AZL:  .188/.188/.188 in 16 AB's.  Too SSS to make any judgement.  Grade Incomplete.

Round 28.  Ashford Fulmer, OF.  Rookie AZL:  .235/.344/.284, 8 SB in 102 AB.  Showed some on-base skills and speed.  Needs to do it at a higher level.  Grade C.

Round 37.  Mark Weist, 3B.  Rookie AZL:  .224/.274/.373 in 67 AB's.  A bit of power, but otherwise unimpressive.  Grade D.

Round 40.  Roger Edwards, OF.  Rookie AZL:  .185/.299/.196 in 92 AB.  Those numbers are not going to cut it.  Grade D-.


  1. Heath Slatton and Tyler Brown stand out as the two late round draft picks who might "pull a Duffy".

    The Giants definitely "gamed" the draft this year, albeit in their own style. Got Hinojosa in the 11th, pretty solid. Got Miller with the overslot, shiniest youth prospect in that round. Got a big power threat early in Shaw. I liked this draft.

    I'd put it at 50-50 odds there won't be a 1st round pick next year. I'm OK with that. All eyes on winning now. Go get college arms and bats, take an occasional flyer on a youth like Miller or Fox.

    1. Seems like BA actually liked the Giants draft. They ranked Bickford's FB as the 3'rd best in the draft. They praised the up-the-middle troika of Jebavy, Duggar and Jalen Miller. They also named CJ Hinojosa as the best late-round pick in the entire draft.

  2. No place to really put this, so I'll leave it here.

    MLB Trade RUMORS: Boston Red Sox to Move Pablo Sandoval or Hanley Ramirez; Travis Shaw Playing 3B in Winter Ball


    1. I suppose there is a sucker born every minute, but who would want either of them?