Monday, October 12, 2015

Down on the Farm: DrB's 2015 Giants Top 50 Prospects Review Honorable Mention Part 5

Again, this is a REVIEW of the 2015 list.  There will be a new 2016 list after the Winter Meetings:

Ethan Miller, RHP.  DNP.  Listed as Voluntarily Retired.

Eury Sanchez, RHP.  Rookie AZL:  2-1, 1.04, 8.2 IP, 2 BB, 13 K's.  Low A:  1-2, 3.20, 19.2 IP, 9 BB, 23 K's.

Seemed to miss some time, perhaps due to injury?  Pitched well in a SSS.  Stock- Stable.

Hector Mercedes, SS/IF.  DNP.  Still listed as being in the organization.  Stock- Down.

Chase Compton, 1B.  Low A:  .212/.287/.282 in 85 AB.  Short Season:  .308/.400/.500 in 52 AB.

Terrible numbers in Augusta.  Rebounded in a SSS in S-K.  Stock- Down.

Richard Amion, 2B.  Short Season:  .229/.318/.299, 7 SB in 201 AB.

Not good numbers for a hitter's league.  Stock- Down.

Luis Lacen, OF.  DNP.  Very athletic looking, but young and raw when drafted.  Not sure why he DNP in 2015.  Stock- Down.

Kevin Rivera, 2B.  Rookie AZL:  .292/.330/.393 in 89 AB.

Needs to move up to a higher level to get some traction on his career.  Stock- Stable.

Rayan Hernandez, RHP.  Short Season:  2-0, 6.46, 23.2 IP, 11 BB, 17 K's.

Finally moved up from rookie ball, but the results were not particularly encouraging.  Stock- Stable.

Rodolfo Martinez, RHP.  Low A:  1-2, 2.54, 46 IP, 14 BB, 44 K's, GO/AO= 1.38.

Hard throwing righty couldn't hit the broadside of a barn in 2014, but turned that around in Augusta getting stronger as the season progressed.  Stock- Up, Way Up!

Kendry Melo, RHP.  Rookie AZL:  2-0, 4.15, 30.1 IP, 15 BB, 43 K's.

21 year old repeating rookie ball is generally not a good thing, but improved on a K/BB of 19/21 from 2014.   Promising international prospect who did not sigh until he was 20 yo, so could be just a late bloomer.  If he has a good season in Augusta at age 22, he will be on track age wise.  Stock- Up.

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