Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Down on the Farm: DrB's 2015 Giants Top 50 Prospects Review- Honorable Mention Part 6

Greg Brody, RHP.  DNP.  Injury?  Stock- Down.

Mason McVay, LHP.  High A:  2-2, 4.79, 20.2 IP, 7 BB, 21 K.  Voluntarily retired after pitching on 5/22/2015.

Travious Relaford, IF.  Low A:  .237/.313/.292 in 312 AB.  Relaford has kicked around the low minors for several years now.  Things were looking up when he hit .293 for S-K in 2014, but he struggled in Augusta.  Stock- Down.

Hunter Cole, OF.  Low A:  .275/.370/.425 in 40 AB.  High A:  .313/.373/.493, 6 HR in 217 AB.  AA:  .292/.338/.464, 3 HR in 192 AB.  26'th round draft pick in 2014.  Hit just .239 in his pro debut at S-K. This was a breakout season which he carried through 3 levels.  Stock- Up, Way Up!

We'll do the Dominican Dandies next followed by a review of the 2015 draftees.


  1. I missed this earlier:

    Clayton Blackburn was originally slated to play in the Arizona Fall League as well, but the organization has decided to end his season after a very successful 2015 in Sacramento. Blackburn (10-4, 2.85) won the Pacific Coast League ERA title this year.


  2. Sad to hear that McVay retired, I thought he would be a late bloomer, get some velocity back.

    Hunter Cole just needs to find a position on the field! Really fun to see a guy put something together, he dropped in the draft partly because his athleticism never matched up with his numbers.

  3. Curses! Cubs officially announce the signing of Eddy Julio Martinez. Cubs might now be the Dodgers of the Midwest, outspending all comers. Not to wish ill on the kid, but maybe he has been overhyped, as some writers think, and hopefully the Giants can put that money to better use.

    1. I don't see anything being official. Where are you getting this info from?

  4. Hi baseballjunkie can you send me a link to the story you saw. I couldn't find any official announcement.

  5. Bobby Evans made his comments about being still in the hunt for EJM on October 9th. Since then I have seen no official anything from the Cubs. A prospect rated this high would be published on the Cubs website when official. Nothing exists like that. Crossing my fingers that the tides will change back to us. I highly doubt Evans would let him get away for 500K unless something in physical was wrong. I think when everything is said and done we will find it all boils down to bad reporting. Also, we will see if the rumor that his dad got greedy will be true or not. I believe this deal is not done. If the Cubs do not sign him Jesse Sanchez of MLB and Keith Law of ESPN will look like idiots.