Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Down on the Farm: DrB's 2015 Giants Top 50 Prospects Review- Dominican Dandies

Kelvin Beltre, SS.  Rookie AZL- .239/.375/.348 in 46 AB.  The Giants obviously think highly of Beltre, but he needs to find a way to stay on the field to develop.  Stock- Stable.

Manuel Geraldo, MI.  DSL- .328/.383/.432, 3 HR, 18 SB in 274 AB.  I was surprised that Geraldo repeated the DSL.  He put up great numbers the second time around.  His name is on the list of Arizona Instructional League invitees which is generally a good sign that he'll be playing stateside next year.  Stock- Up.

Mecky Coronado, C/DH/OF.  DSL- .340/.398/.440, 2 HR in 191 AB.  From the numbers and positions he's played, Coronado profiles as a pure hitter who may struggle to find a defensive position.  He's listed on the instructional league roster, so should be playing in the states next season.  Stock- Up.

Robinson Medrano, 1B/OF.  DSL- .294/.372/.434, 5 HR, 7 SB in 235 AB.  Nice numbers but he played 1B almost exclusively which is going in the wrong direction defensively.  I did not find his name on the instructional league list, which is ominous for him.  Stock- Stable, but at risk of losing prospect status if he does not come stateside.

Deiyerbert Bolivar, LHP.  Rookie AZL- 2-1, 2.08, 30.1 IP, 14 BB, 30 K's, GO/AO= 1.38.  Successful stateside debut.  Stock- Up.

Prebito Reyes, LHP.  DSL- 5-3, 3.22, 72.2 IP, 21 BB, 57 K's, GO/AO= 1.21.  Good season but not on the instructional league roster which is a bad sign as this was his second DSL season.

Victor Concepcion, RHP.  DSL- 6-0, 0.42, 43 IP, 7 BB, 45 K's.  Tremendous second DSL season.  I can't think of any reason except injury to not bring him to the states, but he is not listed on the instructional league roster.  Stock- Up?

Jose Morel, RHP.  Rookie AZL- 5-1, 1.91, 33 IP, 11 BB, 28 K's, GO/AO= 1.75, 3 Saves.  Finally made it to the states and continued to put up strong numbers.  Stock- Up.

Pitchers Sandro Cabrera and Melvin Adon were on the instructional league roster posted in BA.  Missing names included Concepcion, Sandro Fabian, Francisco Medina, Beicker Mendoza and Hengerber Medina.


  1. So it appears there is more drama with Eddy Julio Martinez. MLB is now getting involved. It appears that the Giants may have negotiated a contract with someone connected to EJM but not his main representation. The Giants argue they had a deal in place first. Hopefully MLB will respect that the Giants thought they were talking to the right people. Should be interesting.

  2. A little more info from

    "Martinez is represented in the Dominican Republic by trainers Aldo Marrero and Amauris Nina. He is represented in the United States by Beverly Hills Sports Council. It was Marrero and Nina who made the deal with the Cubs. It was BHSC that made the deal with the Giants."

    Personally, I think the Giants have a good case here. They made the deal with Rick Thurman who is the agent for Lincecum. I would think they have precedent over trainers.

    1. This would seem to indicate the Giants have the upper hand if MLB has the final say.

    2. Particularly with the Giants having made the deal first, while these secondary agents went back on that deal to try to grab a bigger slice of pie with a different team. I'm glad it was the Giants who made a deal through the certified MLB agents! - that does indeed bode well for our boys.

  3. I would think the Giants have the upper-hand if they were dealing with his legal representative (agent). But those sorts of things can be tricky and I, for one, am glad I don't have to sort it out.

  4. The only disadvantage I see is that the Giant's agreement seems to be based on emails and texts with the MLB Agents. I personally do not know if that is considered a deal in good faith or not. I do not know how much input Martinez had in the Giants deal or if they gave the MLB Agents control to make a deal without him. I am sure we will find this out.

    Rainball, totally right about greed. The average wage a common worker in the Dominican Republic where his representatives are is between $5-10 a day. So, going after another few hundred thousand dollars which wouldn't necessarily hold up most MLB contracts would make such a difference to their life and family. Most of these guys probably do side deals with agents so the player will go where they say to go. MLB should stop this and only allow deals to be done where the agent is approved by the MLB or straight up with the player. Otherwise, these players are being expoited.

  5. Don't you love to see a $300MM team get bounced in the first round? I have a smile ear to ear.

  6. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

    Think I'm pulling for Marty McFly's team...unless Mets advance...then its the AL baby!

    BTW 30th anniversary of "Back the Future" is October 25th, 2015...Baseball Gods smile on Ernie Banks' favorite club?