Monday, October 5, 2015

Down on the Farm: DrB's 2105 Giants Top 50 Prospects Review Honorable Mention Part 1

We'll got through the HM's 10 at a time.  Remember, this is a REVIEW, not a new list.  We'll do our 2016 Top 50 after the Winter Meetings:

Jarrett Parker, OF.  AAA:  .283/.375/.514, 23 HR's, 20 SB in 434 AB.  MLB:  .347/.407/755, 6 HR in 49 AB's.

Parker had an excellent season in Sacramento.  He whiffed on a 9 AB cup of coffee early in the season, but got a September callup when Gregor Blanco went down with a concussion.  He went nuts in a weekend series in Oakland including the 3 dinger game, but kept the BA up after pitchers started respecting him more.  Stock- Way Up!  Definitely on the radar for a 25 man roster spot for 2016.

Chris Dominguez, IF/OF.  Chris is in the Cincinnati organization now.  He hit just .223 for AAA Louisville.  Stock- Out of the organization.

Chris Heston, RHP.  MLB:  12-11, 3.95, 177.2 IP, 64 BB, 141 K, GO/AO= 1.76.

Heston made the Opening Day roster when Peavy couldn't go.  He had a tremendous first half of the season including a no-hitter.  Faltered a bit down the stretch.  In the mix for next year.  Stock- Way Up!

Mike Kickham, LHP.  Kickham was released and had an ERA of 7.00 for two AAA teams in 2015.  Stock- Out of the organization, going backwards.

Jake Dunning, RHP.   3 levels:  5-2, 5.43, 68 IP, 22 BB, 61 K's, GO/AO= 2.07.  Missed quite a bit of time, presumably due to injury.  Peripherals look much better than his ERA.  Stock- Stable.

Brett Bochy, RHP.  AAA:  6-1, 2.95, 58 IP, 22 BB, 43 K's.   MLB:  0-0, 0.00, 3 IP, 1 BB, 3 K's.

Strong season in Sacramento.  Looked sharp in 3 1-inning appearances for the Giants in September.  Could be in the mix for a back of the bullpen job next spring.  Stock- slightly up.

Austin Fleet, RHP.  2 levels:  3-3, 6.17, 35 IP, 13 BB, 23 K's.

Shut down after 5/23/2015, presumably due to injury.  Stock- down.

Kelvin Marte, LHP.  AA:  10-6, 2.63, 130 IP, 40 BB, 77 K, GO/AO= 1.45.

Seems like Marte has become an organizational pitcher.  Strong season for Richmond, but the peripherals are uninspiring.  Stock- Stable.

Mario Lisson, IF.  Left the organization for greener pastures.  Hit .269 at 2 levels for the Washington Nationals organization.  Stock- Out of the organization/Stable.

Devin Harris, OF.  AA:  .240/.301/.418, 14 HR in 404 AB.

Typical Harris season at the highest level he's achieved so far.  Stock- Stable.


  1. Lot of trading post activity this year. And a lot of churn with the older prospects. Didn't bring the results the Brain Trust wanted but I do think it was a worthy cause and a good strategy.

    Traded: Mella, Ysla, Duvall, S. Johnson

    Released/Out: G. Brown, Cordier, Dominguez, Kickham, Lisson

    Graduated: Susac, Duffy, Strickland, Tomlinson, Heston, Osich
    Sort of graduated: Parker, T. Brown, Bochy, Williamson (in mix for next year)

    Sleeper system indeed. That's a great mix use of prospects. We'll see if Leake or Byrd come back, but even if they don't, that was a reasonable cost in yoots. More important, the guys who did come up really surprised. That's a lot of depth to tap into next year.

  2. The fact that three HMs, Heston, Parker and Bochy, even sniffed a cup-o-coffee in the Bigs is amazing and speaks to the depth in the Giants organization.

    New slogan -- "The Giants, straight outa nowhere!"

    I think the Giants must be the hardest of any org to pick Top 50, HM, etc. No way you pick Heston, Parker or Bochy or Duffy or Kelby, or, well, you get the idea. Really, guys are coming outa nowhere. Very impressive.

  3. I like your 2016 slogan! Perfect for the chase for Ring #4!!! Although Shankbone's would be worth a 2016 reprise as well.

    Go Mets (at least for rhe upcoming series)...maybe Cubbies...Royals? Rangers or Stros?