Friday, January 30, 2015

Fantasy Focus: Early Mock Auction Draft

Yahoo fantasy baseball opened today so I jumped right in and joined a mock auction draft, 12 teams, 23 roster slots.  Here were my results:

C  Travis D'Arnaud  $1
1B  Anthony Rizzo $33
2B  Neil Walker $1
3B  Miguel Cabrera $46
SS  Alcides Escobar $3
OF  Bryce Harper $28
OF  Starling Marte $21
OF  Marcel Ozuna $8
UT  Jayson Werth $2
UT  Adam LaRoche $2
SP  Cole Hamels $26
SP  Zack Greinke $32
RP  Carlos Carrasco $3
RP  Matt Shoemaker $1
P    Jordan Zimmermann $25
P    Alex Cobb $15
P    Andrew Cashner $2
P    Yordano Ventura $3
BN Chris Archer $2
BN Justin Verlander $2
BN Jose Fernandez $1
BN Marcus Stroman $1
BN  Scott Kazmir $1

I had $1 left over.

The big one that got away was Evan Gattis who went for $3.  For some reason I thought had bid the $3.  I was wiling to go to $5 or $6 for him.  I like D'Arnaud, but I like Gattis better.  I also think I might like Gattis better than eiher Werth or LaRoche for a UT slot.

Guys undrafted included Pedro Alvarez, Steven Souza, James Paxton.  I think all 3 of those will be significantly better than replacement in most leagues.

I wanted to stash Kris Bryant, but he went for $7 and I just didn't have the $ resources to bid that up.

I am not sure I have enough HR's, especially in the OF.  I'm depending on 3 young players taking steps forward.  It was a small sample size, but Bryce Harper had a helluva NLDS against the Giants.  Marte had a huge second half last year and his peripherals suggest it was for real.  Ozuna projects for about 25 HR's but has contact issues.

As always, I used my RP slots on pitchers with dual eligibility who will be starting.


  1. Having never played roto, I may not understand pricing, but here is my question- How can you get a guy like Neil walker who is projected to hit .290ish and hit 15-20 home runs for 1 buck?

    1. Every draft is different. He might go for more in another draft. I will tell you in an auction draft, it is extremely difficult to control your emotions and maintain fiscal discipline early in the draft when guys are spending $50 and $60 on the big names. Mike Trout went for $72 in my league's auction draft last year. So what happens is by the end of the draft, everybody has used up their available money and you can get good players for virtually nothing. It's not totally unlike a real baseball offseason where late in the offseason, teams have maxed out their payrolls and a guy like James Shields is going begging.