Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Scouting the 2017 Draft: Alex Lange

Alex Lange, RHP.  College- LSU.  6'3", 200 lbs.

2015:  12-0, 1.97, 114 IP, 46 BB, 131 K.
2016:  8-4, 3.79, 111.2 IP, 49 BB, 125 K.

Alex Lange burst onto the college scene with a dominating freshman campaign in 2015.  He was not quite as good in 2016, but still plenty good.  He's a big, strong, built to go deep into games.  Sports a fastball around 94 MPH which he can command to both sides of the plate.  He backs that up with a killer knuckle or spike curveball.  He may have other pitches, but those were the two dominant ones I could find.  The question is whether the curveball is good enough to be an only secondary pitch.  There is one video out there of him abusing a poor freshman lefty hitter from another school with 3 consecutive curveball that dive straight down, more like a splitter.  The problem is professional hitters won't swing at those pitches until they get a strike or two on them, so he's going to have to establish the FB and will likely need another secondary pitch.  He also has significant effort in his delivery, so I'm thinking he may be a reliever in the pros.


Updated DrB's 2017 Draft Board:

1.  Jordan Adell, OF, HS
2.  Mark Vientos, SS, HS
3.  Hunter Greene, RHP, HS
4.  Tanner Houck, RHP, College(Missouri)
5.  Alex Scherff, RHP, HS
6.  JB Bakauskas, RHP, College(North Carolina)
7.  Jeren Kendall, OF, College(Vanderbilt)
8.  JJ Schwarz, C, College(Florida)
9.  Alex Faedo, RHP, College(Florida)
10.  Kyle Wright, RHP, College(Vanderbilt)
11.  Conner Uselton, OF, HS
12.  Alex Lange, RHP, LSU
13.  Hans Crouse, RHP, HS
14.  Royce Lewis, SS/OF, HS
15.  Tristan Beck, RHP, College(Stanford)
16.  Brandon McKay, LHP, College(Louisville)
17.  Hagen Danner, RHP, HS
18.  Alejandro Toral, 1B, HS

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  1. Wow! Great assessment on your prospect list. MLB's Jonathan Mayo, who gets paid to do this, just released his own Top 50 list and yours is very comparable. Just amazing.