Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hot Stove Update: Nationals Send Danny Espinosa to the Angels

Danny Espinosa could see the writing on the wall after the Nationals gave up half their farm system for Adam Eaton and he did not like what it said, which was "grab some pine, meat!"  Eaton to CF meant Trea Turner would be returning to his #1 position, SS and with Daniel Murphy ensconced at 2B, Espinosa would have to scrap for AB's from what little playing time was left over, which was not looking like much.  He expressed his frustration with the situation by not attending a team event and today got his wish and was traded to the Angels where he will almost certainly be the starting 2B.

Espinosa is an excellent defender at 2B and has some pop in his bat(24 HR's in 2016), but struggles to keep his BA above the Mendoza Line.  The Angels were desperate for a 2B for 2017.  Espinosa will be a FA for 2018, so they only get 1 year of control.  They don't  have much of a farm system and the 2 pitchers they gave up don't seem to be top of the market prospects.  Seems like a win-win trade.  The Nationals get rid of a disgruntled player, although they loses some depth in the process.  The Angels get  a 2B for 2017 without overpaying in the FA market.

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