Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hot Stove Update: Yankees Sign Matt Holliday

The Yankees reportedly agreed to terms with Matt Holliday for $1 Yr/$13 M.  Silly me, but I kind of figured Holliday would get more in the $8-10 M range, and thought he might be an affordable 6 inning LF option for the Giants, so I obviously think this is an overpay.  On the other hand, as I've said many times, I'm not sure overpay is a relevant term in MLB anymore.  Holliday is expected to mostly DH for the Yanks and he seems like a bit of a downgrade on what they've been used to.  2017 will be Holliday's age 37 season and it's an OLD 37!  Maybe DH will help revive his career?

Anyway, a bit of a curious signing by the Yanks but it's just for 1 year.


  1. Giants get there man. Melancon signed!

    Richard in Winnipeg

  2. Giants reportedly have agreed with Melancon!!

  3. Another link:

  4. Good. Now we can savor Melancon striking him out next October to avenge 1962 and get Ring #4 for Bochy's Boys!


  5. Very, very excellent.

    My feeling is that Evans & Sabes will look to bring on another relief arm who can add to the lock-down element of the back-end corps. I have no idea who that might be (Holland?), but it's feeling like the FO recognizes that LF may ALREADY be a strength, and what we've seen in the playoffs is that bullpens win championships. SF knows this, and will look to return to its 2010-decade roots.

    Evans is cementing his place as an excellent SF GM thus far. Helps to have big-market resources!!