Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DrB's 2017 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #12 Joan Gregorio

Joan Gregorio, RHP.  DOB:  1/12/1992.  6'7", 180 lbs.

2016 AA:  0-2, 2.33, 27 IP, 6 BB, 30 K.
2016 AAA:  6-8, 5.28, 107.1 IP, 43 BB, 122 K.

First of all, based on appearance in pictures and videos, Gregorio weighs a whole lot more than 180 lbs.  He actually appears to be close to ideal body weight.  At 6'7", that would come out to about 230 lbs., so I am going to say he's at least 220. Gregorio has been working his way up the Giants farm system seemingly forever and finally hit AAA last year.  While the ERA was ugly, the K rate was exciting.  He was one of a very few Giants SP prospects who had a K/9 greater than 9 which is what gets him ranked this high.

Gregorio is a tremendous physical presence on the mound.  He maximizes his height advantage with an over-the-top, fairly upright delivery which produces a strong downward plane on his pitches.  To the batter, it must look like the ball is dropping out of the sky!  From the scouting reports and videos I've seen, it looks like he throws a fairly standard 4-seam FB that tops out at 94, but seems faster due to his height and reach.  He backs the FB up with a sharp downward breaking slider which he can throw at the back foot of LH batters.  He does not have much of a changeup which he rarely, if ever, throws.

He probably needs another full season at AAA to polish up his game.  It would be nice if he could add a third pitch of some sort, but it may be late in the game for that.  With the two pitches and borderline command, he will likely end up as a reliever.


  1. Sickles put him a reliever too. And his take is a lot like yours: "...intimidating with 6-7 frame and fastball up to 95 and plus slider; change-up remains weak and while he doesn’t give up a huge number of walks, his command is considered below average due to mechanical inconsistency; probably a reliever long-term."

    In short, he's big, has two good pitches, but needs polish up time and the lack of pitch selection limits him.

  2. Great stuff Doc and Moses. I've pretty much started to sleep on Gregorio because he's been in the system so long; Lots of promise, but the warts seem to get the best of him every year.

    What are you thoughts about his proximity to the majors as a reliever? Where does he slot with the likes of Stratton, Rodolfo, Coonrod, etc. as guys that the Giants might call up mid-season to have a look?

  3. Sounds like Jerry Spradlin. Remember him?

  4. Yes, great stuff!
    31-year old Jeff Samardzija learned a new pitch on the fly last year -- maybe there's hope.
    2017 is Gregorio's 25-year old season: this ST is the time.
    Learn another pitch now, practice it in Sacramento, and when it's "polished" bring him up!
    Hey! It could happen!