Sunday, December 18, 2016

DrB's 2017 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #9 Heath Quinn

*I made an adjustment in the list here moving Quinn and Sandro Fabian up 1 notch each and dropping Steven Okert down 2.  As it currently stands, Quinn is #9, Fabian #10 and Okert #11.


Heath Quinn, OF.  DOB:  6/1/1995.  B-R, T-R.  6'2", 190 lbs.  Drafted in 2016 Round 3, #95 overall out of Samford U.

2016(College):  .343/.452/.682, 21 HR.
2016(3 levels):  .344/.434/.564, 21 2B, 3B, 9 HR, 30 BB, 58 K, 267 PA.

Quinn put up video game numbers in his junior season at Samford, which may have been partly due to level of competition, but he kept right on raking in the pros, mostly at SS Salem-Keizer where I am sure his summer performance will be remembered.  There is not much to not like about Quinn's hitting performance.  Average?  Check!  Power?  Check!  Walks/OBP?  Check!  K's?  Just over 20% is not terrible for a patient power hitter.

The scouting report is average speed/above average arm which makes him a corner player, most likely LF if and when he makes the majors.  That diminishes his value from a prospect valuation view.  On the other hand, LF as an offensive position has fallen off around MLB in recent years, so a guy who can be an average LF while hitting 30 dingers per year with average is a valuable commodity.  I mean, the Giants would take that, right?

Can't wait to see him play for SJ in 2017!


  1. Giants have a plethora of exciting corner OFers in the pipeline along with the young two on the active roster, not overlooking Pence but he is not part of the longer term future past 2018.
    Seriously, what about CF? Is there anything more important in AT&T (after the center infielders)? It's a big pasture out there.

    1. Parker in CF? Fast, good arm, not great instincts....

    2. Slater, Reynolds and Duggar have all played CF in the minors. None of them are likely to be elite defensive CF, but if they can be average or even slightly below average and hit a little, they could be viable options. As far as pure CF's go, there's Jebavy who hasn't hit much so far, Fargas who was overmatched in the Cal League, and my favorite sleeper, Maliqu Zeigler who is a bit of a project and a few years away. The Giants can also go outside the organization via trade or FA to fill the need.

    3. December 8th you wrote about the Nationals trading 3 quite good-to-excellent prospects for the 28 yo, team friendly controllable through 2021, "under paid" (by today's standards), positive dWAR CFer Adam Eaton.
      A steep price, you accurately called it.
      Since the prospects weren't the Nats TOP 3, however good they figure to be, maybe the Giants could have matched the 3 (and maybe denuded the system -- Beede, Blach, and Suarez, although IMO those 3 are collectively better than Giolito, Lopez, and Dunning, so it might have been Stratton and Gregorio instead of 2 of them).
      Would it have been worth it given uncertainties in health of Pence and Span and their "short term" availability (two years), the desirability for a "good" CFer who can hit, and the stability Eaton would give to the 5 or 6 young OF prospects (including Parker and Williamson)?
      Would there be a package of prospects that you would have been willing to give up for Eaton?
      It's all academic, what's done is done, but if Washington fails again, maybe they would make the trade with us next year!

    4. Beede, Blach and Suarez would not have gotten Eaton from the White Sox.

    5. Eaton was actually below average in CF. He's been excellent in RF.

      All three of those pitchers they gave up would rank ahead of Beede.

    6. Depends on who is doing the ranking.

    7. Eaton gets a positional boost when he plays CF so it all evens out in the end. He was a 6 fWAR player in 2016.

  2. Hey, Jayson Werth has a starting LF job and he's not even hitting 30-dingers. For his career he's averaged 21 per 600 ABs and met/eclipsed 30 (36) once and 25 (27 & 25) twice. Plus he's been a defensive liability for the better part of a decade.

    So a guy who hits around 30HR, has a decent average, gets walks, and plays average defense... So I'm thinking he'd be a Top-10, possibly Top-5 player from a 'whole player' perspective. Kind of a George Springer (Astros) kind of guy. So, yeah, if he can do that he'd be quite a commodity...

    1. Maybe I should have said 20-25 HR's per season? Anyway, not all scouts think Quinn will necessarily hit at higher levels, but they all agree he is exceptionally strong.