Thursday, December 29, 2016

DrB's 2017 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #23 Matt Gage

Matt Gage, LHP.  DOB:  2/11/1993.  6'4", 240 lbs.  Drafted 2014 Round 10 out of Siena U.

2015 A:  4-4, 4.07, 77.1 IP, 1.51 BB/9, 8.26 K/9.
2015 AA:  2-3, 4.66, 38.2 IP, 2.33 BB/9, 6.98 K/9
2016 AA:  9-7, 3.38, 136 IP, 2.25 BB/9, 7.07 K/9

If  you looked at Matt Gage's pitching line from Augusta in 2015, you would not think it was worthy of a promotion all the way to AA Richmond, bypassing San Jose.  But in his last 2 starts for Augusta he went a combined 14.2 IP, with 0 ER, 1 BB, and 15 K's.  I've always thought Gage's promotion to Richmond was for a spot start, but now I am not so sure after seeing the lines from those last 2 starts in Augusta.  In any event, Gage allowed just 5 ER in 23 IP in his first 4 starts for Richmond earning him not just a gig that lasted until the end of the season, but an assigment back in Richmond to start the 2016 season.

His full season assigment to Richmond resulted in solid effort that should earn him a promo to AAA, except the AAA roster is very crowded.  A lot of analysts see Gage as a future lefty reliever, but with his size and excellent command, I think he could have a nice career as a back-of-the-rotation starter.

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  1. No reminder of his "stuff"? I remember him as a big kid with a medium fastball and average secondary stuff, with good enough control to have a solid walk rate as we see above. Is that about right?