Monday, December 12, 2016

Hot Stove Update: Kenley Jansen is Still a Dodger

Kenley Jansen turned down an extra $5M offered by the Nationals and agreed to terms on a 5 yr/$80 M contract with the Dodgers.   The total value of the deal comes in under the $86 M Aroldis Chapman is getting from the Yankees, but with the Nationals offer, Jansen could have come within $1 M of Chapman's deal, which is darn impressive.  The Nationals offer reportedly contained deferred money which could make is worth less in present day money.

As for how this affects the Giants and the NL West, the Dodgers are not gaining anything from this they did not already have.  With all of the premium closers besides Jansen off the market, the Dodgers avoided a major downgrade in the position and paid a high price for it(if anyone cares about price anymore).

The Dodgers are also rumored to be closing in on a 4 year contract with 3B Justin Turner rumored to be worth about $64 M total cost.  Again, this would be to avoid a downgrade at the 3B position rather than an upgrade.


  1. So much for Dodgers reducing payroll!

  2. Emmanuel Burriss and Mike Broadway get minor league contracts and ST invites from Nats

    1. no point, just former Giants who didn't make it.
      Kinda wonder what Nationals see in them, especially Burriss who has had chances and never hit consistently plus a mediocre fielder. Had a great opportunity when he won the 2B job in 2009, started slow, had a very good May, and then nada.
      Broadway? Nice size, but was there ever anything else there?
      Both had stints with Washington previously.