Thursday, December 29, 2016

DrB's 2017 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #22 Clayton Blackburn

Clayton Blackburn, RHP.  DOB:  1/6/1993.  6'4", 225 lbs.

2015 AAA:  10-4, 2.85, 123 IP, 2.34 BB%, 7.24 K%, 6 HR, 1.29 WHIP, GO/AO= 1.59.
2016 AAA:  7-10, 4.36, 136.1 IP, 2.31 BB%, 6.67 K%, 18 HR, 1.30 WHIP, GO/AO= 1.19.

At the end of the 2015 season, Clayton Blackburn may have been the hottest pitcher in the Giants organization after a tremendous second half pitching for AAA Sacramento.  Alas, 2016 did not go so well and he was clearly passed on the depth chart by Chris Stratton and Ty Blach.  As you can see from the HR's and GO/AO, it appears he was not keeping the ball down as well in 2016 which resulted in more flyballs and a whole lot more gofer balls.  He did pitch better down the stretch as his post-All-Star break ERA was 3.22 compared to 5.09 before the break.  He's still young enough to get back on track, but the PCL is generally not kind to pitchers who have to get groundballs to succeed.  He's got Stratton and Blach ahead of him on the depth charts with Tyler Beede and Andrew Suarez coming up fast from behind.


  1. It does seem to get bleak (after your #10) although there is a ray or more of hope down the list.

    An updated answer to "should the Giants trade for Dozier" below, in light of the list of Giant prospects, maybe giving up one of the "surer" bets high on the list along with Joe, might not be so good for 2 years of Dozier.

    Except, if the Giants get him, the Dirty Dodgers Don't!

    Maybe Panik and anyone below Okert -- SF may need him.

    If Glen Perkins is recovered -- he has 2 controllable years left -- that could be some more money dump for the Twins.

    1. There is definitely a tier break point between #10 and #11, but I would not call the next 10-12 bleak. I think there is another tier break between Arenado(#21) and Blackburn(#22). #'s 11-21 all have the potential to have a very good MLB career if things break right for them and they continue to develop their skills. I even think there is a lot of potential in the remainder of the list after #21. So no, I don't think it is bleak after #10 or #21 at all.