Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hot Stove Update: LaRoche Signs With the ChiSox

There was a significant FA signing yesterday in addition to the small trades.  Adam LaRoche signed a 2 year/$25 M contract with the Chicago White Sox.  LaRoche will essentially take Adam Dunn's place on the roster and likely share DH/1B duties with Jose Abreu.  Those two will provide a nice L-R punch in the middle of the 'Sox lineup.  The Nationals had turned down a $15 M option for LaRoche and did not make a QO, so the White Sox do not lose a draft pick.

LaRoche has had a remarkably consistent career hitting at least 20 HR's every year starting in 2005 except 2011 when he lost time to injury.  His batting line last year was similar to what he pretty much does every year:  .259/.362/.455, 26 HR, 14 BB%, 18.4 K%.  He is a much better all-around hitter than Dunn, but is not a good defender at 1B.

As for the Nationals, I assume they are planning to move Ryan Zimmerman to 1B and letting Anthony Rendon become the permanent 3B.

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