Friday, November 14, 2014

2015 Giants Depth Chart: Shortstop

The Giants shortstop position is well covered at the MLB level, but then is one of the thinner positions at lower levels with the best hitters possibly ticketed for other positions at higher levels.

MLB Starter:  Brandon Crawford- .246/.324/.415, 20 2B, 10 3B, 10 HR, 10.5 BB%, 22.9 K%, 564 PA, 2.7 fWAR, #13 SS in MLB by fWAR.  Crawford overcame a brutal slump in July and August to become a major player down the stretch and through the postseason.  What makes his offensive numbers more impressive is the fact that he hit 7'th or 8'th in the Giants lineup most of the season where he became one of best in the business in those lineup slots.  He may benefit from some extra days off in the middle of the season, but otherwise has a firm grip on the starting SS position going into 2015.

MLB Reserve:  Ehire Adrianza- .237/.279/.299, 4.7 BB%, 20.8 K%, 106 PA.   Adrianza made some dazzling plays at SS in a reserve role.  His bat had come to life with a .333 BA in June and .318 in July before a bad hammy ended his season.  Not sure why this kid is not getting more buzz as a trade target. Maybe the Giants just won't trade him?

Matt Duffy-  .267/.302/.300, 1.6 BB%, 21.9 K%,    The Duffman excelled in a very demanding PH role after being called up from AA where he hit .332/.398/.444, 3 HR, 20 SB, 10.1 BB%, 15.8 K%, 417 PA.  Might not have quite the arm for throws from deep in the hole.  The problem for him is Panik grabbed 2B by the throat and does not appear to be about to let it go.

AAA:  Vacant.  Chris Dominguez was getting most of the playing time here by the end of the season.  I'm pretty sure Dominguez is not going to play SS in the major leagues, although the idea is fascinating.

AA: Kelby Tomlinson- .268/.340/.323, 1 HR, 49 SB, 8.9 BB%, 16.6 K%, 494 PA.  Tomlinson was surprisingly moved to 2B to give Matt Duffy a chance to play SS then moved back to SS when Duffy moved up.  This is surprisingly good offense for the environment from a guy who was a D first SS.  Should be the starting SS or 2B for Sacramento in 2015 depending on where Duffy is assigned.

High A: Ydwin Villegas- .205/.287/.298, 6.4 BB%, 25.7 K%, 187 PA.  Villegas split time between  High A and AAA for the past two seasons.  He reportedly plays MLB quality defense but has not hit a lick at any level.  At  24 yo, time is running out.

Low A:  Rando Moreno- .197/.260/.227, 16 SB, 5.9 BB%, 11.7 K%, 376 PA.  Disappointing offensive numbers from Moreno although he does make contact.  22 yo.

Short Season-  Christian Arroyo- .333/.378/.469, 5 HR, 6 SB, 6.7 BB%, 11.6 K%, 267 PA.  Arroyo was inexplicably moved to 2B in Augusta to start the season, with Ryder Jones moving from 3B to SS. By the end of the season, Arroyo was back at SS in Salem-Keizer and Jones was back at 3B there too.  Arroyo struggled at the plate and with injuries in Augusta but raked with S-K.  The early assignment at 2B would suggest that the Giants do not see him as a future MLB SS.

Rookie AZL:  Hector Mercedes- .296/.330/.469, 1 HR, 4.7 BB%, 24.3 K%, 107 PA.  At 6'3", 188 lbs, Mercedes has intriguing size.  For some reason I have a feeling he is not going to stick at SS and may be too much of a hacker to hit at higher levels.

DSL:  Manuel Geraldo- .251/.323/.338, 16 SB, 5.4 BB%, 20.8 K%, 259 PA.  Love Geraldo's size at 6'1", 170 lbs.  Tons of room to fill out that frame.  Love that he's a switch hitter.  Love that he hit .308 after the DSL All-Star game.  I'm going to be watching for him in Arizona next summer.


  1. aj burnett just took a 4mil pay cut to sign with the bucs

    looks like some players are learning


  2. i agree that craw is gonna need more off days during mid season. the grind did a number on him at the plate and in the field

    i just wish the org would be happy if he hits 250 with a little pop and spends most of his time concentrating on d

    one of the reasons that pablo was in the top 3 in the gg, had a lot to do with craw's range...allowing pablo to focus only on one sector

    he and panik are gonna make a lot of batters tear their hair out with their up the middle d


  3. Honestly, I don't think of Duffy as a starting SS. I wouldn't mind him trying 3B though his arm, for that position, is probably not quite there. Other than that, I think he might be a good utility/relief infielder.

  4. No mention of Joaquin Arias? Is his arm stronger than Duffy's? Best test is to see who can get ball to 1B's mitt on ball in hole.

    Anywho, with dearth of true backups at SS, maybe they better keep on holding on to Ehire Adrianza. Possibly sell Duffy? Maybe jettison Arias?

    Tough call for the "graybeards".

    1. I think we know Arias has a great arm, he's been tested. He's also lost a step, and his defense isn't as flashy as the other options. His value is his range, and the utility infield flexibility that's priceless. He won't be resigned but his place in the roster is the definition of depth.

    2. I don't believe Arias becomes a FA until 2016. As a simple matter of inventory management, I have to think that Arias stays in his utility IF role in 2015 and Duffy starts at SS at Sacramento. He might well be a useful trade chip at midseason if somebody needs a SS as an injury replacement to finish the season and if Duffy can replace him.