Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hot Tip: Under Armour All-American Game

If you are interested in getting an early look at some of the HS players who will be eligible to be drafted in the 2014 draft, make sure to catch the Under Armour All-American Game at Wrigley Field.  TV is on the MLB Network at 11:30 AM PDT today.

Some of the top rated players who the Giants may have a chance to draft include RHP Tyler Kolek, SS Jacob Gatewood, C/RHP Alex Jackson and more.

BA is raving about Mike Cameron's son, Daz, but he is in the class of 2015.


  1. I caught the last 3 innings. Killbrew's grandson looked good... As did Cameron's kid. Hope for a re-broadcast late night.

    1. I saw the first 5 innings or so. Admit I fell asleep a couple of times. I had an obligation in the early afternoon so missed Tyler Kolek's appearance. I read that he sat 94-97 and hit 99 at least once.

      Jacob Gatewood's double over the LF head was a laser shot. Marcus Wilson looks very fast. I was impressed by Rodriguez behind the plate and at the plate. He's not Pudge's son? Looked like he could be.

      Seemingly endless string of LHP's who all looked about alike.