Saturday, February 11, 2012

Down on the Farm: #47 Cody Hall

#47 Cody Hall, RHP. 6'4", 220 lbs. BD: 1/6/1988.

Short Season: 3-1, 2.63, 27.1 IP, 19 BB, 42 K's, GO/AO= 1.29, 4 Saves.

College(Southern): 4-2, 3.41, 60.2 IP, 18 BB, 62 K.

Cody Hall was drafted in round 19 out of Southern U in 2011. He started 9 games out of 15 appearances for Southern U. The Giants assigned him to closer duties with Salem-Keizer where he finished 20 games out of 23 appearances. His K rate was spectacular, but he also walked a lot of batters. His walk rate in college was much lower though.

Hall has a lot of talent, but is raw. He had never thrown a pitch until he walked on as a freshman at Baton Rouge CC. He got a scholarship to transfer to Southern U, but Southern had no pitching coach. Giants minor league instructor Lee Smith and former All-Star Dave Stewart volunteer as pitching coaches there for 1 week out of the year each. Hall has a FB that reaches the upper 90's. He also has added slider that shows promise as well as a second off speed pitch, maybe a splitter if Stewart was involved? He has a tendency to overthrow when he gets fired up on the mound.

Baggs has commented that he's heard really good things about Hall from the organization and thinks he is a real sleeper.

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  1. Damn these high ceiling bullpen arms just keep on coming. With the Giants Way spiking these kids cool-aid, someone is going to have to breakthrough by 2014/15.

    I love the Giants approach here as:

    1. These kids will stock the bullpen with low-cost, under control arms for the next 5 - 10 years.

    2. Keep the Giants dominate starter to bullpen pitching advantage intact. Besides run prevention, quality bullpen arms also keep the starters' arms fresh.

    3. Allow the Giants to spend funds on keeping their starters and key position players. And, RDF aside, spend for a free agent or two on offense.

    It's like looking in your Halloween Bag after a good night trick-or-treating - you KNOW you got something good and maybe a Reeses PB Cup (my fav).

    Thanks DocB for keeping write-ups coming.