Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fantasy Focus: Value SP's

A word to the wise.  Pitching is going to be very thin again in 2018.  So much so, that you may want to reverse the age-old fantasy draft formulas such as drafting 7 position players before you take your first pitcher or spending 70% of you auction budget on position players.  If you think you are going to be able to fill in your rotation by plucking guys off the FA list, think again.  I've done some combing through depth charts and there are multiple MLB teams out there who don't have even 1 rosterable fantasy SP in their pre-season starting rotation.  If you don't believe me, look up the Padres, Rangers, Royals and Marlins rosters and depth charts.  I'll add the Pirates to that list too, and maybe the Twins.

With that in mind, I also combed through Fantasy Pros preseason ADP list and looked at two tiers:  #50-100 and ADP's greater than 100.  Let me tell you, the pickings are slim.  Here is what I came up with for possible value SP's.  Keep in mind these could change dramatically as the season approaches.  Note:  Listed ADP's are SP, not Overall.

I have already profiled Blake Snell(58) as a Breakout Candidate and Luis Gohara(78) as an Impact Rookie.  You already know that I absolutely love Tyler Chatwood(79) to breakout now that he is out of Coors Field.

It gets even thinner after you pass #100, but Tyler Mahle(106) has a chance to be an Impact Rookie.  Erasmo Ramirez(123) has been a Breakout Candidate seemingly forever. He always puts up great WHIP's but has struggled with consistency.  His overall numbers from 2017 don't look exciting but he ran off 7 of 8 QS down the stretch for Seattle last season.  My Deep Sleeper  /Breakout Candidate is none other than the Giants very own Chris Stratton(144), although the ride could be bumpy.


  1. Have you ever played in an Ottoneu league? I just joined my first league (new H2H format) and from what I've read, with 480 rostered players, just about every SP with a rotation spot should have some value. Not to mention any/all good RP's!

  2. If you did not mention Stratton I was going to - Top Curveball Spin Rate... I look forward to his starts this season.

    I have a hunch the Shark will put it all together and stay out of the Big Inning that doomed him last year.

    Off Topic - I wonder if MLB will address the issue of the juiced baseball. If it was juiced last year maybe MLB will adjust the ball specs so the Flyball hitters do not have such a big advantage - I am not assuming we see stats like last year where HRs and Slugging Percentage was off the charts. This issue will impact values in the Fantasy Leagues.