Sunday, February 11, 2018

DrB's 2018 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #15 Miguel Gomez

Miguel Gomez, 2B.  DOB:  12/17/1992.  B-S, T-R.  5'10", 185 lbs.  IFA 2011.

AA:  .305/.330/.458, 19 2B, 2 3B, 8 HR, 3.7 BB%, 11.2 K%, 322 PA.
MLB:  .242/.235/.303, 2 2B, 0.0 BB%, 17.6 K%, 34 PA.

Gomez is still on the 40 man roster after an impressive season for AA Richmond and a promising, though SSS MLB debut.  There doesn't seem to be much doubt the man can hit and he looked surprisingly agile at 2B, again in a very SSS. He haas also played 3B and 1B  and C in the minors although his catching days are probably behind him.  Detractors point to the miniscule walk rate which MLB pitchers may well exploit once they get to know him a bit.  His offensive profile is very similar to another Giant who helps them sell a lot of funny looking hats.  I am not sure exactly where Gomez will land with all the minor league FA IF's the Giants are bringing in, IMO they could do worse than start the season with him and Kelby as the reserve IF's.  Reserve corner IF is probably Panda's to lose though.


  1. Heartily agree with Gomez over Sandoval -- with 7 of 8 position players (when Jackson is CF) over 30, the team is susceptible to injury, especially in ST. Hope they take it easy and do their stretches conscientiously.

  2. Unfortunately, his skill set reminds me a bit of Nick Noonan, a former Giant who ended up being a bit of an underwhelming washout. I might be wrong, but it's what I'm seeing, as yet.

    1. I'm not sure why you would think a player with a career .312/.349/.465 minor league slash line would be similar to one with a .265/.318/.362 especially when the latter is helped by a couple of .300 BA's in his age 27 and 28 seasons. I mean, there is really no comparison in the hit tools here.

  3. Back in the early 70s, Dodgers had a problem with a short (5'10)3Bman who could flat out hit but his throws were toward 1B rather than to 1B.
    Don't think Gomez is quite Steve Garvey or Brandon Belt but he can really hit -- .305 @ Richmond! -- and has a little pop.
    Bring him up! Or let him play 1B @ Sacramento while Chris Shaw meanders about in LF.