Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Fantasy Focus: Breakout Candidate- Blake Snell

Blake Snell LHP, Rays.  DOB:  12/4/1992.  6'4", 200 lbs.  Drafted 2011 Round 1 #52.

2017:  5-7, 4.04, 129.1 IP, 59 BB, 119 K.
1'st Half:  0-5, 4.85, 52 IP, 34 BB, 45 K.
2'nd Half:  5-2, 3.49, 77.1 IP, 25 BB, 74 K.

Snell was once one of the most highly rated pitching prospects in baseball before struggling in his MLB debut and the first half of his sophomore campaign.  He really seemed to settle in over the second have of last season and appears ready to break out in 2018.  The stuff is there with a FB that averages just under 95 MPH and plays up due to great extension of his long arm which releases the ball closer to home plate than the average pitcher.  He'll be one of my SP pitching targets on fantasy draft day.


  1. Snell was a pitcher I had high hopes for on my fantasy team, but he struggled early. Maybe this is the year. I struggled a little finding good starting pitching, but found some success with other Rays young starters like Jacob Faria, Alex Cobb, Matt Andrise that I picked off waivers. Too bad another team had Chris Archer.


    1. Pitching will be very thin again in 2018. I've been combing through depth charts and there are several MLB teams without even one rosterable fantasy SP. It might be necessary to reverse standard strategy and draft pitching first as I think it has become easier to find good hitting deep in a draft or even on the FA list than pitching.