Monday, September 11, 2017

Blogger's Note

My family and I are taking a much needed vacay to Lake Tahoe this week.  I may or may not make posts during this time.  I'll be back on Friday, Sept 15.



  1. Most excellent, enjoy yourselves out there!

    I'll be visiting some folks in Gualala, CA this week as well. I'll be very glad to have my feet on the soil again - LA is rough! Also, exceedingly hot.

  2. Enjoy your vacation!


  3. Have a good one, Doc. EVERYONE will miss your incitefulness.
    Wife and I are off tomorrow to Europe for a month. Will read your thoughts on what's happening to the Giants -- but what else is there to say about that?
    Is there a better time for the 4-5 Giants to play the 0-9 or the 0-11 or the 1-16 Dodgers?
    The Dodgers today are not a very good team. Either.
    Can they turn it around?
    At this moment, not anyone in the playoffs, Nationals, D'backs, Rox, and the Cubs, doesn't match up well -- with the Cubs (!) being the least. Even the Cards and Brewcrew would make it a series.
    Sadly, 3 weeks is an eternity!
    Goliath will fall!