Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scouting the Draft: Sean Newcomb

Hank Schulman is reporting that the Giants might consider signing a QO FA if the price drops enough late in the offseason which would make all these draft profiles a waste.  Such a move would be understandable, but I hope it doesn't happen.

Sean Newcomb is a big college LHP who plays for Hartford.  He has not gotten a lot of press, but you will probably start hearing a lot more about him after the college season starts and the 2014 draft approaches.  Newcomb takes the mound at 6'5", 240 lbs and brings a FB that sits in the mid-90's and gets up to 97 MPH.  On top of that, he has a wipeout slider that is a plus pitch now and has potential to be plus-plus.  His changeup is currently average, but it gives him a 3 pitch mix.  Here are his college stats from the last 2 years:

2012:  2-4, 4.17, 45.1 IP, 38 BB, 45 K.

2013:  5-4. 3.75, 72 IP, 37 BB, 92 K's.

The obvious concern is that his stuff has not translated into domination against suspect competition, so you would like to see some significant progression in his junior season.

BLF has him ranked at #17.  Mack Ade of Mack's Mets does not have him in Round 1 of his mock draft.  Matt Garrioch of Minor League Ball does not have him listed in his early top 150.  BA has him at #19 in their early Top 50 draft ranking.


  1. The depth of power arms, both RHP and LHP, in this draft is very impressive. There is no excuse for the Giants not to draft 2 power arms with their top picks to keep the flow of starting pitching coming in their minor league system. Except for 2012 draft, they seemed to have gone away from using multiple high picks on hard throwing starting pitchers. Lets hope it doesn't come down to losing their 1st round pick to sign a QO FA


  2. You save $ money if the QO FA price drops later - check.

    You save $ (one time saving, by the way) losing that draft pick - check.

    When we need, in a few years, that starter we could have picked, the money-karma will come back as the draft-pick-possibly-top-of-the-line-starter makes league minimum (with the fans dreaming of even better days to come with the kid) while we fork over $15 million a year - for not just one time, but a few years - for a reliable #3 starter who has reached his peaked (and likely declining - but he is an experienced player).

    I hope this is not true.

  3. There are 3 pitchers with QOs attached. Kuroda - that would not be understandable at all due to his age. Ervin Santana? Pretty shaky track record. Ubaldo? Very shaky track record. While I'm glad the Giants aren't striking a completely dismissive tone (as they've done in the past to some options) I just don't see there being any player worth losing the pick over. This FA class is pretty dreggy, so its time to go dreg up some injury concerned pitching for short term moneys.

    This guy Newcomb has battled injuries and mono on the Cape. He still got pretty hyped. Size, multiple pitches, leftiness. Pretty intriguing name. Unlike some college pitchers this guy has projection in the tank.

  4. Speaking if the draft but Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects 2013 came out today for those who like collecting baseball cards of Giants players like myself. Surprise surprise NO Giants players were made! Except for a Ryder Jones auto which is just too rare! It happened last year too and I just wrote it off as a one time thing but to happen again is just unacceptable and a slap in the face to Giants collectors! It seems like the marooned the Giants players to their horrible Bowman Chrome brand in which you get only three cards for 3 bucks! What a rip! They can make a card of some low profile 36 round Pirates player but refuse to make the Giants top draftees!!
    Sigh forgive my rant but I'm seeing bias against the Giants more and more...