Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scouting the Draft: Nick Gordon

The Hot Stove is barely smoldering so we'll keep plugging away on the draft profiles and depth charts until it heats up.  BTW, check out a nice update on Kyle Crick over on Cove Chatter linked to the left.  If that doesn't get a Giants fans juices flowing, I don't know what would!

Nick Gordon is a HS SS prospect.  He's the son of former MLB pitcher Tom "Flash" Gordon and younger brother of Dodgers SS prospect Dee Gordon.  Like is older brother, Gordon is a B-L, T-R shortstop with plus-plus speed. He also pitches and has hit 94 MPH from the mound.  Before you dismiss Nick Gordon as just another overrated slap and dash guy who will be dominated by MLB pitchers, consider that Nick is 3 inches taller and has a noticeably bigger frame than Dee.  I think he has power potential while being able to stick at SS.  His hitting mechanics may need some work, but the tools are there.  Some scouts like him better as a pitcher, but most seem to think he will be drafted as a SS.

BLF has him ranked as the #9 overall draft prospect.  Mack's Mets has him going off the board at #6(at the time, the Giants were in line for the #6 pick).  BA ranks him at #11 in their early Top 50 Draft Ranking.  Over at Minor  League Ball, Matt Garrioch has him all the way down at #31!

I'm not wild about 2-way players, and it is doubtful that Nick Gordon is still on the board at #14, but as I've said many times, this is a very deep draft and some very good prospects are going to be there.  He won't drop all the way to #31, but just the fact that someone thinks he will shows you what kind of a draft this is.  The Giants do love to draft their up-the-middle talents and Nick Gordon is one of the better ones in 2014.

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  1. I do find the possibilty of drafting a talented son of a former MLB player very interesting. There are many examples of these type of prospects making it to MLB, such as Barry Bonds, Moises Alou, and David Bell to name a few... I think a big advantage Nick Gordon has is that he has his Father Tom and brother Dee that he can draw advice from regarding making it in pro baseball.