Friday, November 15, 2013

Hot Tips

Check out Shankbone's excellent wrap on the AFL season on You Gotta Like These Kids.  Kyle Crick finished up with 4 scoreless appearances whose cumulative line was 9 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 3 BB, 12 K.  He also set the prospect watching world abuzzin' with his 95-98 MPH heat.  Derek Law and Andrew Susac also had excellent AFL performances.

Check out an article up on Fangraphs entitled The Most Startling Trend in Baseball.  Did you know that 24% of all 100+ MPH pitches thrown since 2008 were thrown in 2013?  The article goes into the rapidly increasing average velocity in MLB and attributes it in a large part to the dramatic influx of young pitching.  Do you know another time when there was a big influx of young pitching?  1960's and 1970's!  Hmm.....seems like I remember a discussion about that here a few weeks ago.  Anyway, it's a must-read article.

Rotoworld is reporting 3 minor league FA signings by the Giantts:  Mason Tobin and Guillermo Quiroz re-signed and they are bringing in RHP Jason Berken who I believe pitched for the Baltimore Orioles once upon a time.


  1. Did any of our guys throw 100MPH+ in 2013?

    1. No that I know of. I believe Stephen Johnson down on the farm did it in college. Whether he has done it professionally yet, I do not know.