Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Giants Depth Chart: Second Base

2014 finds the Giants a bit unsettled at a position they thought they had locked down through 2015.  Incumbent starter Marco Scutaro is not getting any younger and is collecting dings, scratches, aches and pains at an alarming rate.  Joe Panik is probably the future at the position but he has a ways to go in his development after a move from SS in 2013.

MLB Starter:  Marco Scutaro  .297/.357/.369  Scooter still led the team in BA, but hit just .229 in August after rupturing a tendon in his pinkie finger.  He rebounded to .300 in September, but played in just 11 games.  He also missed games throughout the season due to a back issue and was clearly not as agile in the field.  He underwent surgery late to fix the pinkie.  Can he continue to be the starter for 2 more seasons?

MLB Reserves:  Tony Abreu  .268/.301/.442
                        Nick Noonan .219/.261/.238

Abreu showed nice pop in his bat, but has never been able to stay healthy for a full season.  Noonan had some nice AB's early but was overwhelmed at the plate for most of the season.  Joaquin Arias also played a little 2B but is probably more comfortable on the left side of the IF.

AAA   Nick Noonan  .255/.323/.345
           Ydwin Villegas  .274/.336/.349.

Noonan's numbers are not particularly good considering the environment.  Villegas is a defensive wizard who remains challenged at the plate.

AA:  Joe Panik  .257/.333/.347, 4 HR, 10 SB, 58 BB, 68 K in 522 AB.  Not necessarily the numbers you want to see from a former first round draft pick at this level, but the EL is a tough, tough place for hitters.  Maintained excellent K and BB ratios.  Needs to hit with more authority.  Expect a promo to Fresno and better numbers next year.  Giants need him to be ready by 2016 but 2015 would be better.

High A:  Ryan Cavan  .283/.331/.367
          Trevor Brown  .172/.226/.241

Ryan Cavan was sent to SJ to play 3B but actually spent most of his time there at 2B where he failed to gain traction.  Trevor Brown was a late callup from Augusta and struggled at the plate in a very small sample size.

Low A:  Trevor Brown  .250/.304/.326 in 384 AB.
             Alberto Robles  .304/.360/.387, 13 SB in 194 AB.

Brown moved up to SJ late despite modest numbers for Augusta.  Keep an eye on Robles!

Short Season:  Ryan Jones  .336/.429/.420, 9 SB, 0 CS, 22 BB, 25 K in 143 AB.

2012 draftee who may have found some traction here.

Rookie AZL  Will Callaway  .271/.345/.427 in 96 AB.

Fair numbers from college draftee at a low starting level.

DSL  Marco Guzman  .254/.368/.362, 23 BB, 26 K in 130 AB.
         Richard Rodriguez  .227/343/.244, 20 BB, 18 K in 119 AB.

Guzman turned 19 yo on August 20.  2013 was Rodriguez' age 21 season.

Panik would seem to be the Giants 2B of the future. He is at least a year away.  Robles and Ryan Jones are interesting names to watch from the lower minors.  A lot of people think Christian Arroyo will wind up at 2B eventually.


  1. Is Crawford a candidate if EA moves to shortstop (or are there similar options with 3b/SS in the system other than Arroyo)?


  2. 2012 Scoots had it. 2013 Scoots did not. Bochy invested too much weight on the vet pride side, instead of letting Scoots heal up versus struggle with his tweaky back from opening day on. Plus the Giants didn't have a good 2B backup depth plan to start out with (Noonan spring training "hot" and Abreau injured). Plus they didn't get the +D that all Giants pitchers rely upon. Never found the 2B mojo in 2013.

    Looks like Scoots is again the 2B man in 2014 Well the Giants brass can't say we didn't warn them. Get some depth here guys! Ideally someone who a) can play great D for late innings and b) who can play at a high level when Scoots gets injured/needs rest.

    Abreau sure looks the part, except for the getting on the field part.

    Noonan may have hit his high water mark.

    Arias is a keeper, but not a replacement 2B.

    Panik fits the scrappy hitter mold and maybe solid D, but is so 2015.

    Like some of the lower talent you highlighted DocB, but as we all know it's a long way to the top...

    1. Ex-Dodgers don't impress much for frontline duties, but as a backup to 2B/3B? Ellis, Punto and Uribe all might be interesting... Punto and Ellis have weak ISO numbers but don't strike out a ton, have good gloves. Punto is a switch hitter and you knows Mean Bruce Bochy loves himself some switch hitting because it fakes out the opposition!

    2. I like Punto and would take him on the team in a heartbeat as long as the price is not too high. Great backup player. Plays all out, all the time. He's been fan favorite everywhere he's played.

    3. If he could only learn how to not get picked off second base in a crucial spot in a really important playoff game....

    4. Pato,

      I know you are just joking, but evaluating a player on the basis of one play, no matter how bad or on what stage, is probably the single worst way to evaluate them.

    5. Except when it's Jose Cruz Jr in the playoffs... after winning that elusive gold glove...

  3. Not ready to sell on Noonan yet. Still young. He could yet be a serviceable major leaguer - a la Kevin Fransden.