Friday, November 22, 2013

Scouting the Draft: Kodi Medeiros

Kodi Medeiros is a HS LHP who hails from the big island of Hawaii.  He is on the small side at 6'1", 185 lbs, but throws hard(92-94 MPH) from a very funky delivery.  He also has a slurvy breaking ball and a changeup.

You really have to look at the video to fully appreciate the delivery. I would describe it as a hybrid between Madison Bumgarner and Javier Lopez.  He has the big arm swing behind his back like Bummy, but his arm slot is lower.  On some pitches, it looks fully sidearm to me.

I guess the big question with Medeiros is whether you think he can stick as a starter or not.  That he can have a successful MLB career as a lefty specialist is almost a given.  He will be absolutely kryptonite to LH batters.  Given his velocity, I think he has a chance to be a starter.  He will need to be able to bust his slider in on the hands of RH batters like Bumgarner does.  If can do that, along with developing his changeup to fade away from RH batters, yeah, he can be a starter.

BLF has him ranked at #34.  Mack Ade of Mack's Mets has him at #26.  Matt Garrioch of Minor League Ball has him at #14, which is the Giants spot.  BA has him at #30 along with a comment that his FB gets up to 95 and that he has a "power slider."


  1. I love this guy. Brief note: to a man, the hitters who actually faced him described him as the nastiest pitcher hands down in the showcases.

  2. sounds like a billy wagner-type without the upper 90s fb. I wouldn't mind that in the giants pen after affeldt and lopez contracts are up.

    1. That's probably not something you want to spend a first round draft pick on, but it's also probably his absolute floor.

  3. It sounds like Medeiros has a chance to develop into a successful MLB starting pitcher like another Hawaii born LHP Sid Fernandez, who gained fame pitching for the Mets in the 80's. He was fun to watch racking up 10+ K's a start with his low 3/4 funky delivery and nasty stuff. The good thing in Kodi's favor is he throws harder then Sid whose fastball registered in the high 80's.