Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Scouting the Draft: Michael Conforto

One of the best pure bats in the college ranks for 2014 belongs to Oregon St. Jr OF Michael Conforto.  Like so many young hitters these days, Conforto throws righthanded but hit exclusively from the left side of the plate.  He is stoutly built at 6'1", 215 lbs with average speed and arm, so he is probably a LF all the way, although I did find a pitching scouting report on him on Baseball Prospect Report from high school that had him hitting the low 90s', so his arm is not terrible.  He is a guy you draft for the bat, period, though.  He has a classic power hitter's approach with a slightly open stance, a slight uppercut swing.  He shows patience at the plate and barrels up the ball with plus bat speed.

The Pac 12 and the west coast are strong pitching friendly environment so Conforto's numbers from is first two college campaigns are doubly impressive:

2012:  349/.438/.601, 13 HR, 24 BB, 12 HBP, 37 K in 218 AB.

2013:  .328/.447/.526, 11 HR, 41 BB, 14 HBP, 47 K, 6 SB in 247 AB.

Conforto played for Team USA this summer and hit .302 with 5 doubles and a team leading 3 HR's in 18 games including a 5 games sweep of Team Cuba.

BLF has him ranked at #29 overall.  Matt Garrioch of Minor League Ball has him at #27.  BA has him at #18 with a the comment that scouts worry about swing and miss tendencies.

The Giants have always preferred up-the-middle talent when drafting position players in the first round but since John Barr has come into the organization they have taken more corner players in the early single-digit rounds.  I think Conforto is the best college bat in the draft and would not be disappointed if the Giants drafted him at #14.


  1. I attend Cal Berkeley(yay for 1st Year!) and plan on attending some games(and hopefully get some autographs!) I prob won't watch the game but will try and meet Mr Conforto. Any question I should pass along that you want answered by him? Also if you anyone has a tidbit about certain players to watch for, especially in the PAC-12 I'd love to know!


    1. I do something I call College Corner when the college season starts. Stay tuned! Pac 12 is a great baseball conference!