Friday, November 1, 2013

Scouting the Draft 2014: Luis Ortiz

There is lots to like in the 2014 draft class.  I would be happy with probably at least 20 different players the Giants might pick at #14 overall.  We all latch onto our favorites for one reason or another, though.  One of mine from this draft is RHP Luis Ortiz.  He hails from Sanger HS in the Central Valley.  He is a big kid with exactly the type of build the Giants tend to look for in their pitchers(although they take them in any size and shape).  At 6'3", 220 lbs, he fits right into the Matt Cain/Kyle Crick type of frame.  At one point he was reportedly heavier at about 245 lbs but worked hard to lose the weight around his midsection develop a more muscular physique.

Ortiz features a fastball that sits 91-93 MPH and hits 95 at times and looks like he can pump it deep into a game.  He is able to throw it both up and down in the zone as well as put it on the corners.  He also has a slider with nice bit and a developing changeup.

BLF has a draft profile up that includes a nice video.

Keep his name in mind.  He's the type of pitcher I could see the Giants going for.


  1. I'd be happy with Marcus Wilson in Round 1 and any of the umphteen high upside arms who is still available when the Giants pick in Round 2.

    1. There is tremendous pitching depth in this draft. The hitting isn't terrible, but it's not as deep as the pitching. Taking a hitter in round 1 before the talent thins out, then counting on the pitching depth to get you first round quality in round 2 would be a very rational draft strategy.

    2. On the other hand, if everybody has that idea and Tyler Kolek falls to #14, well, then I think you have to go BPA and take the stud pitcher.

  2. There was a time when we would go for pitching in the 1st round and the 2nd round.

    And if we needed pitching in the future, we would just trade for one...or at least that was the impression they tried to give.