Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scouting the Draft: Alex Jackson

Alex Jackson is a 6'2", 215-220 lb HS catcher/OF/3B out of Rancho Bernardo, just north of San Diego, with what Perfect Game describes as "huge" power.  He is big enough to play catcher yet athletic enough to play the OF and play it well.  He can also play 3B.  On the other hand, he may not be ideal for any of those positions.  The arm is a plus tool for all 3 positions.  He ran a 6.82 60 yd dash which BLF calls in the "lower end of above average."

He's the type of kid you draft for the bat and worry about where he's going to play later.  There is an awful lot here that reminds me of one, Buster Posey!   BLF has him ranked as the #8 draft prospect.  Mack's Mets has him at #5 to the Brewers.  Minor League Ball has him at #8 in their early rankings while BA has him at #6.

It is unlikely that Alex Jackson will be available at #14,  But is another name that lengthens the top tier of the draft pushing to quality down to the Giants.


  1. He sounds like a Wil Myers clone to me. And my first choice. Please let him fall. Please?