Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Scouting the Draft: Michael Cederoth

You would think that a program coached by Tony Gwynn would be all about producing great hitters.  Instead, San Diego State seems to be a hotbed for pitchers who throw triple digit heat.  This year's version is Michael Cederoth, a 6'6", 210 lb RHP who throws bullets.

In addition to the blazing fastball, he has a hard slider and an effective changeup.  As you might expect from guy that tall and who throws that hard, he has command issues at times.  From watching him on video, he has a bit of Timmy in his delivery as he rotates back on his right leg turning his back to the batter and uncoiling as he delivers the pitch.  He does not have the exaggerated stride that Timmy has.  He comes close to eliminating the leg kick with runners on base and is able to quicken his delivery a lot.  Here are his stat lines from his first two years of college ball:

2012:  4-4, 4.14, 67.1 IP, 48 BB, 62 K's.

2013:  3-8, 4.15, 91 IP, 43 BB, 104 K's.

Although his W-L and ERA were not improved, his walk and K rates were.  If he continues to show improvement in those measures, he could have a breakout year in 2014.  BLF has him ranked #31.  Mack's Mets Mock Draft has him at #17, BA has him at #21 and Matt Garrioch at Minor League Ball has him at #20.

The Giants definitely love to draft hard throwers and they are not afraid to draft guys who have had worse command issues than Cederoth.  On the other hand, I could also see him breaking out huge and ending up as a top 3 pick or he could suffer an injury and drop into the later rounds.  Michael Cederoth is a very interesting guy to watch who could give some volatility to draft boards as the college season progresses.

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