Saturday, September 14, 2013

Down on the Farm: 9/13/2013

The Inland Empire 66'ers turned a tight game into a runaway late to take a 2 games to 0 lead over the San Jose Giants in the best of 5 California League Championship series.  Final Score-  9-1:

Mitch Delfino- 2 for 3.
Mac Williamson- 1 for 2, 2 HBP.
Kyle Crick- 3.2 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 3 BB, 5 K's.

Cricky looked good through the first 3 innings.  It looked like he was trying to pitch backwards starting hitters off with pitches that registered in the high 80's on the stadium gun.  Then turning up the heat 3-4 pitches into the AB. Perfect example was Zach Borenstein's first AB:  4 pitches 88-90 then a 96 MPH high hard one that was swung through very late for strike 3.

In the 4'th inning, Crick got put in the stretch right off the bat.  He then got into a situation where he was pumping  95-96 MPH FB's and the 66'er batters kept fouling them off raising his pitch count alarmingly. It was eerily reminiscent of some of Matt Cain's early games(the physical resemblance of Kyle Crick to Matt Cain is striking).  You could see him get visibly frustrated out on the mound.  First, Jeff Arnold came out to try to calm him down and a batter later, Andy Skeels came out.  It was no avail as he then lost control of the strike zone.  I though he might pitch his way out of it when he got a K for out #2 with the bases loaded, but then he walked in a run and Skeels had to come get him.

I left after Austin Fleet gave up a 2 run dinger in the 6'th before the roof caved in on Chris Marlowe in the 7'th.

66'er starter Dan Reynolds has very pedestrian numbers on the season, but he was throwing a FB with great command 91-94 MPH and looked very good.  The San Jose Giants have been dominated by 2 pitchers with ordinary regular season numbers these first 2 games of the series.

Reynolds was obviously trying to bust Mac up and in, under the hands.  Mac got hit on the wrist/hand in both of his first 2 AB's, both on check swings.  He seemed to be OK after that, but that is living mighty dangerously!

Adalberto Mejia tries to avoid the sweep tonight in San Jose after an overnight bus ride back up the 5.


  1. I will acknowledge a correction pointed out in an anon comment that Mac went 1 for 2 in the game. My original post had him 0 for 2 which is now corrected. The rest of the comment was inappropriate, so I deleted it. Not sure how you can call yourself a Giants fan and make comments like that, or maybe he's not. Don't know, don't care.

    Just a few more general comments about the 2 games I saw which may address some of the anon's points without insulting the players:

    Galindo is obviously very raw and has a lot of work to do on judging where flyballs are going and taking better routes. I would like to see him use his speed to lay down a bunt or two from the leadoff position.

    Even though Mac got hit twice, he started to swing both times and couldn't get his hand out of the way fast enough. You could even make an argument that he swung at those pitches, or at least failed to try to get out of the way! The ump is not going to issue a warning in that situation. I commented early in the season that I thought Mac was going to struggle with pitches on the inside corner. He still has some work to do on that front.

  2. these kids dont get one day off to rest?

    talk about a grind

    and im not sure how anyone can make negative posts about this season's sj squad...unless they believe that the ceiling for all the position players is aaaa...which it may be

    the way development is done, makes it a total crapshoot

    if the usa ran its olympic program the same way....they wouldnt win a single gold


    1. One thing I was really struck by in watching the last two games is just how tough a game professional baseball is to play. Hitting a pitched baseball has to be the single most difficult thing to do in all of sports. It's just crazy hard! At the same time, it is still what every kid wants to do. Go up there and take their hacks. I guess it's the ultimate challenge too!

      Yeah, think about it. You play a tough game that ends about 10 PM, then have to immediately climb on a bus and ride for 7 hours, then find your way to your apartment or host family's house then get to the ballpark in time for the following night's game. That is crazy! It's a major challenge to just to eat a nutritious diet and get enough sleep, let alone try to hit 94 MPH fastballs that are aimed at your knuckles!

      Tough, tough gig.

      In general, I only highlight successful performances in my Down on the Farm reports. Occasionally, if I feel it is essential to understanding events on the farm, I will comment on a poor performance. I try to be respectful of the players and remember just how tough it is out there. I know I could not do it! I never, ever declare that a players is a "failure" or a "failed prospect" or has "failed." Those are hurtful words and besides, you just never know in this game. I wonder how many times Vogie and Petit have been described as "failed prospects" in their careers?

    2. As a SJ player parent, you just secured my appreciation and respect, DrB. I've caught some of the posts here over the past month or so but have avoided commenting, due to not wanting to stifle people's opinions on your fine board. This one comment of yours hit home and caused me to break radio silence, as it renewed my faith that there are people out there who stop and think about just what these kids are up against, and how hard they work.

      But for a few curmudgeonly attitudes here and there, you've got a solid and passionate group of folks here who contribute some very thoughtful and meaningful discussion. From the strict perspective of stats, the level of sleuthing here is impressive.

      From the human side of the game, I would add that it's too easy for most folks sitting at home, when they read or hear about a disappointing performance of a player, to immediately (and negatively) write off that kid's chances as a so-called 'prospect', and to discount their effort or question their abilities. Or worse, presuppose what's going through that kid's head (attitude, etc), as a way of explaining a downturn in his playing. There are countless back stories to each of them that shaped their paths to pro ball, with occurrences in their day to day living that can easily upset the fine balance that they with. You nailed it- baseball is a damn tough game, most of us can't begin to understand how skilled these kids are at it, even when they falter.

      All of that being said, each of us is entitled to his/her opinion, no matter how accurate or off-base it is.

      Sorry, off the soap box now, lol- just felt compelled to voice some appreciation for your comments above. Btw, we were sitting near Ricky's family as well for the last two games. Wish I'd have known you were there...

    3. Thank you. I think I know who you are. I think you might have been sitting in the seat just in front of me and to my left at the game Thursday night. Won't say more, but if I'm right, we figured out who you were there to support.

    4. From one player parent to another, thank you. Well said. Most of us can scarcely imagine the obstacles and hardships these players endure to chase their dreams. Lucky player with you having his back.

  3. The Giants' offense seems to have gone cold after hitting very well against Visalia. Let's see if Mejia can save their season tonight.

  4. Check out the Link Dump on MCC today for a terrific article summarizing Augusta's top 10 prospects, at least in the opinion of the beat writer for the Augusta Chronicle. Some very interesting, and possibly encouraging, comments about Chris Stratton and some not so encouraging ones about Martin Agosta.

    1. Your reference to a MCC post is kind of funny timing, with the excellent SJ parent discussion upthread. I soured on MCC a lot because of the prevailing curmudgeon attitudes and the pretty constant running the players down that goes on there. Lots of competition to out-snark other posters and what not.

      The odds are steep, the dreams are big, its fun to follow. And you never know.

      I'd say Agosta showed a lot of promise, but the injuries and lack of stamina are definite worries. Gregorio's lack of consistent arm slot is an interesting one. Hey it never bothered some Dominican the Gigantes got rollin' in the 60s.

      Very encouraging words for Flores.

      For those that don't want to roll to the other site:

    2. Nice link, Shank. Had to LOL on this turn of phrase, "Flores' changeup fades very well and has good separation, and his command of the pitch is enough to where it could pitch a tent on the outside corner and camp there for days."

      Now if that's not a scouting report, I don't know what is.

  5. The team got in about 6:00 this morning. According to Ritzo the Giants flew Mejia back to SJ early yesterday to be rested for tonight. GO BABY GIANTS!!!

  6. People are forced to come.

    A little courtesy goes a long way...maybe not all the time. We have our bad days. But it's nice to try to be courteous and focus on whatever points one wishes to make.

    And it takes resources and energy to set up a blog.

    Not to mention if people want to stick around, it never hurts to be nice to each other.

    1. That should be 'people are not forced to come here.'

    2. I think we have a nice diversity of opinion on this site. We encourage people to express alternative points of view and back them up. If you are coming just to be argumentative or make insulting comments about players, management or other posters, I will hit the button on you and quickly. Might as well not waste your time and energy.

      BTW, if you feel you have a legitimate point of view that is not being accepted, do what I did. Start your own blog!