Saturday, August 18, 2018

Game Wrap 8/18/2018: Reds 7 Giants 1

The Giants have had a few low points this season, but this one just might be the lowest.  After a decent series against the Dodgers in the stinky place, they traveled east thinking they could continue gaining ground against a couple of bad teams.  Well, as they have done a few times, they did a faceplant.  Today, not only the offense stayed cold, but their ace pitcher got lit up.  Key Lines:

Lineup:  7 for 34, 2 BB.  BA= .206.  No XBH's.  No hits until the 6'th inning.  Just another dismal day at the plate.  I wonder how Bochy expressing his frustration with the offense impacts their performance, if at all?  I mean, I'm pretty sure the hitters aren't coming to the park saying to themselves, "I'm going to try to go 0 for 4 today."  You read about hitter's "pressing".  Wouldn't having your manager vent his frustration to the press make that worse, or does it help concentrate their minds and create tougher outs?  I honestly don't know so I'm asking.

Madison Bumgarner LHP- 6 IP, 8 H, 6 R, 5 ER, 2 BB, 6 BB.  ERA= 3.05.  Kind of a rough night for Bummy.  Not much else to say.  He's always bounced back from these.


With the Loss, the Giants remain 7 games behind the D'Backs in the NL West as the Snakes lost to the Padres 7-6.  The Rockies topped the Braves and sit 0.5 games behind in 2'nd place.  The Dodgers sit 1.5 games behind pending the outcome of their game with the Mariners who lead 4-1 in the 6'th inning.


Andrew Suarez tries to salvage a game out the series tomorrow facing former Giants farmhand Luis Castillo.


  1. I think that the answer to your question is that it doesn't matter what Bochy says or does, the Giants have a lineup of inconsistent almost-power hitters that get treated and paid like they are Baseball Gods, and in the end they'd like to win but they'll get paid anyway, so... Look across the bay where the excitement is - young strong hitters hitting the ball HARD and with confidence, then look at our Giants big names getting no-hit for the first half of every game. I think Larry Baer and company had better hurry up and cash in the value chips they have - Bumgarner, McCutch, Belt, Holland, Dyson before they all pull a hamstring and have no value at 31 August. What is the point of chasing .500 now?

    1. If you look at the A's statistically, both their offense and pitching are pretty much the same as last year's last place team. The dramatic difference is on defense. Not saying you are wrong about them hitting the ball hard and with confidence, but they were doing that last year and finished in last place.

    2. If the Giants trade Bumgarner, there will be no pitching staff next year. Build around Samardzija? Although he's been inconsistent, at least half Bum's games have been very good. Because of the injury and missing 2 months, this looks" like too little too late. But it will be worse next year without him. Can the Giants accept that?
      If they could get a big huge hall, tossing 2019 down the drain would still be an unlikely move for SF.
      If they could get something for Holland they might as well -- they'll get outbid this winter or be the ones to pay an outlandish price.
      Until Belt finally stays healthy and has "his" season, is he worth his contract? Would someone pay it AND give up something worthwhile? That's not a certainty.
      Dyson? He might be worth what's left on his contract but to give up someone for him, too?
      Age catches up with everyone but it's unusual that nearly everyone would regress at 30. With so many players 30 and over, it's a risk which isn't playing out well for the Giants lately. It's possible that well over half the team could actually be worse next year. Unlikely, but possible.

    3. the word that no one wants to use - maybe the dirtiest word in sport - is complacency, mailing it in

      and maybe a few of teh hitters are complacent

      i would like to express my disappointment at Slater being benched in favor of Hansen - I like Hansen
      but I had no idea he would be yet another OF that Slater would have to compete with

    4. with harper unlikely coming to the giants, tanking may have to be a reality for 2019. major changes have to be made this offseason and trading bumgarner may have to become necessary to start restocking the farm. larry baer may also have to do some house cleaning this offseason as the giants need culture change next year.

    5. Beside for misuse of Slater, Bochy's pulling his lineups out of a hat now.
      Best power hitter leading off, guy slashing .146/.241/.271 last 14 games at cleanup, and Longoria even in the lineup (.140/.213/.140 last 11 games). And Hernandez? Since his his hot start he's .213/.279/.360 ? !
      Posey even when he's not hitting or on one leg/hip is worth 2 Hundleys (behind the plate).

  2. i hope last night was the wake up call to start the waiver process on dyson and mccutchen. there may have to be some major changes made this offseason and it might include asking bochy to step aside or be a lame duck manager next season. if the giants don't get harper, 2019 could end up being a tank campaign. david bell must nail the rule 5 draft this offseason and have another good draft class next year.

    1. Waiver process is continuous -- goes on behind the scene all the time.
      Teams use revocable waivers throughout August on just about everyone to gauge interest.
      If interest exists for "dyson and mccutchen" the Giants know.
      If one is claimed, a deal must be worked out (or just let go) and the Giants have little leverage in whom they are offered, and none on who is offering. "Choice" begins with the worst team in the offering team's league, works through that league, then the other league can play. The Yankees would be the 28th team to get a chance for, say, Bumgarner.
      Before McCutchen gets to someone who could use him, the Pirates would have to pass, and they could claim to bring him home to his fandom, offer a useless prospect (if the Giants didn't just let him go) and owe just a proration of his 2018 salary (which they're partially paying anyway).
      Pretty much doubt if Giants would get a valuable prospect for Dyson, and it would save them well less than a million.
      It's unlikely that Bumgarner with his favorable contract would make it past ANYONE who could trade him in the off season for far more than it would cost them this year -- San Diego gets the first byte of the apple, why wouldn't they bite? They have money for this year and wow! he'd bring a haul in the off-season.
      This will explain it:

    2. Just to clarify: David Bell is the Giants Director of Player Development. John Barr is still the Scouting Director and is in charge of the draft and international signings. I presume he also has a say in Rule 5 Draft.