Thursday, January 17, 2019

DrB's 2019 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #21 Sandro Fabian

Sandro Fabian, OF.  DOB:  3/6/1998.  B-R, T-R.  6'1", 180 lbs.  Internation Free Agent 2014.

2018 A+:  .200/.260/.325, 19 2B, 3B, 10 HR, 5.8 BB%, 23.8 K%, 1.14 GB/FB, 450 PA.

After a strong finish to a rough first full season in Augusta in 2017, the Giants challenged Sandro Fabian with a promotion to A+ San Jose for 2018.  Although he showed flashes of power with 10 dingers and raised his BB% from 2.0 to 5.8, the optimistic take on his season is it was a learning experience and he got in a full season's worth of work.  That sets up 2019 to be a pivotal season for him whether it's at AA or a repeat of A+.  I'm thinking there is no way he should be promoted to face a league historically so bad for Giants hitting prospects, so I'll vote for the Jalen Miller treatment and hope to see much better numbers on his second rodeo.

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