Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Game Wrap 9/22/2015: Giants 4 Padres 2

The Giants got some timely hits and Bruce Bochy juggled the pitching staff to hold the Padres at bay.  Key Lines:

Angel Pagan- 1 for 4, HR(3).  BA= .266.  All 3 of Pagan's HR's have come in September since coming off the DL.

Alejandro De Aza- 2 for 4, SB(7).  BA= .262.  De Aza's single and SB set up the Giants second run on Crawford's RBI single in the 6'th inning.

Brandon Crawford- 2 for 4, SB(5).  BA= .259.  Buster Posey was a late scratch due to hip and back soreness.  Crawford, who came into the game 4 for his last 49, batted cleanup and hey, it worked out!

Ehire Adrianza- 0 for 1, 3 BB, SB(3).  BA= .186.  Adrianza played 1B for the first time in his career and did a fine job.  The Padres pitched him like he was Buster Posey or Brandon Belt.  His 2-out walk and SB set up the Giants first run on Trevor Brown's double.

Trevor Brown- 2 for 4, 2B.  BA= .222.  Brown's first MLB hit was a good one as he sent a 2-out double over the head of CF Travis Jankowski to drive in the Giants first run.

Chris Heston- 4.1 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 5 BB, 7 K's.  ERA= 3.51.  Sometimes your stuff is just too good!  There was nothing wrong with Heston's stuff as evidenced by the 7 K's in 4.1 IP, but the between the tremendous movement on his pitches and a highly variable strike zone, the walks finally caught up with him after 94 pitches.  He left the game with the bases loaded in the 5'th but George Kontos somehow got Matt Kemp and Justin Upton without giving up any of the inherited runners, something Kontos has been doing all season.

Jake Peavy takes the mound tonight facing Andrew Cashner.  And yes, the Giants gained a game on the Dodgers and are now 6 back with 12 to play.


  1. Our OF is gonna be good next year.

    CF Pagan
    LF Blanco
    RF Pence

    OF Williamson
    OF Parker

    I like the power,speed,and defense Parker and Willamson bring to our team.That versatility will be key in keeping our starters healthy.They both have the speed and arm strength to fill in for Pagan and Blanco in CF when needed.We play a lot of close games.It's nice to have guys that are bench players that can help us win a help win in multiple ways.They're gonna hit some bombs next year.

    CF Perez
    RF Cole
    LF/2B Slater

    We're pretty deep.Perez is good teammate and pro.Good speed,good glove.It's just Williamson and Parker's Time.If anyone gets banged up.He's first guy up.Slater and Cole have a lot of guys to climb through.But,seem hungry and ready for the challenge.

    1. I would not go placing any bets on Wiliamson or Parker being on the Opening Day roster in 2016. Marlon Byrd's $8 M option will almost certainly vest. They can pick up Aoki's option for $5 M. They could decide to try to re-sign De Aza. The Giants are also rumored to be in the market for a big upgrade in LF, someone in the Upton/Cespedes class.

  2. Depth at catcher is starting to show up too.

    C Posey
    C Susac


    C Brown
    C Turner

    Hector has become a liability injury wise.I think Brown is going to put some serious heat on Susac in camp.Susac will be coming of an injury.Brown looks hungry.Defensively he's better than Susac.He'll make Susac a better player.Or,he'll take his job.

    1. I went ahead and let this comment through, but let me explain why I almost hit the button on it, and why some of your comments don't get posted. You make an unsubstantiated assertion here "….Defensively he's(Brown) better than Susac." Rellay? Based on what? 3 games of your personal observations? If you want to say something like "….based on what I've seen, Brown might be better defensively than Susac….", OK, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but you are not entitled to make unsupported assertions stated as facts rather than framed as opinions. Not on my site, at least!

  3. I don't think that starting 3 is going to get us where we need to be in October next year. First, Pagan is an injury risk. He has played only 71 in 2013, 96 in 2014 and 121 this year. Second, oblique injuries have been known to come back so we don't know how that is going to effect Pence for next year. For Pence we have to take that chance because of what he gets paid. For Pagan I think you have to scour the market to see if there is a guy who could be an upgrade from Blanco so that in case of injury to Pence and/or Pagan we have another solid player. If either Pagan or Pence go down for any considerable time you will have issues. Aoki has concussion issues and Byrd is a dinosaur. Cespedes is risky because he is over 30 and wants a 6 year contract. I think Upton would be a great piece to add to this puzzle but will the Giants spend the $$$. I like Cole and Slater but they more figure in for 2017 than next year.

    The infield is very good except if Belt's concussion issues linger.

    The bullpen is very good considering Kontos, Osich, Strickland, Broadway, Lopez, Casilla and Romo. Let Affeldt ride out into the sunset.

    The rotation needs a ton of work minus Bumgarner. I like Peavy for his last contract year but the rest is a question mark. Hopefully Cain comes back strong but I wouldn't pencil him in for anything but a #5 until he can prove us all wrong. I like Jordan Zimmermann on a Lester type deal for #2. Possibly Yovani Gallardo to be a decent #3. Peavy would be a solid #4 and Cain and Heston could fight for #5. To me, Mike Leake isn't the answer but if he was paired up with another decent pitcher such as Samardzija then I am all over it. Mike Leake and Dan Haren doesn't get me excited.

  4. More than likely neither Williamson or Parker start out with the club next year, more like Aoki and Byrd unless they make a run at a FA. I can't see Brown replacing Susac unless Susac is traded. Susac is a starting caliber catcher, Brown is destined to be a back-up able to play a couple of other positions. Hector is the odd man out if any one is.

    Billy Baseball

    1. I agree, I believe if Susac is healthy, he is ahead of Brown on the depth chart, based on a higher ceiling bat and improving defense.