Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Game Wrap 4/17/2013: Brewers 4 Giants 3

The Giants battled the Brewers to a standstill only to lose on a walkoff in the bottom of the 9'th inning.  Key Lines:

Brandon Crawford- 2 for 4. BA= .320.  Crawford got the first hit off Kyle Lohse in the 6'th inning starting a 3 run rally to tie the score.

Pagan, Scutaro, Sandoval, Pence- 1 hit each.  The Giants had no XBH's in this game.

Ryan Vogelsong- 7 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 2 BB, 5 K's.  ERA= 5.89.  I thought Vogie pitched better than the score indicated.

Santiago Casilla- 1.1 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 0 K.  ERA= 2.25.  Bochy must have thought his bullpen needed rest because Casilla seemed shaky from the get-go.  He went to a 2-0 count on almost every batter.  Way more leash than he deserved from his performance and level of command.

With the Loss, the Giants drop 1.5 games behind the Colorado Rockies who were idled by snow in Denver today.  The D'Backs lost to the Yankees and are 2 games behind the Rockies in 3'rd place.  The Dodgers are sitting at 3 games behind the leaders and trailing the Pesky Padres 3-1 with Clayton Kershaw on the mound.  The Padres are 6 games behind pending the outcome of their game against the Dodgers.

Matt Cain tries to salvage a win in the series facing Yovani Gallardo who is coming off a DUI in which is blood alcohol level was reportedly 2.2.  Yikes!  Now watch him pitch a perfect game.


  1. the results werent great, but i liked today's game

    vogey did pitch better than the score indicated. he made one mistake pitch...the dinger. it was a 4 seamer with no movement.

    the leadoff double in the 5th was off a good pitch. the triple was due to wotus calling in the of on the possible bunt...wotus rarely gets fooled like that. the third run was scored on the posey rule

    outside of that, while he still has a bit of work to do on mechanics, he was pretty much hitting his spots and not over thinking his pitches

    craw looks great at the plate. the fact that he can now hit from both the 2 and the 8th spot, makes him a huge asset

    i liked that the team as a whole learned from their first at bats against lohse...except for posey, who is pressing.

    belt still has that huge hole on the inside pitches.

    craw with the youthful error on the throw...kid has to learn that while he is a magician in the field, he sometimes just has to eat those balls he fields deep in the hole.

    i really got into bochy's head in the late innings. road game, pen spent, day after night game tomorrow. no doubt he was gonna try to stretch vogey and was gonna send casilla out for the 9th, with the score tied. especially with jeremy out.

    btw, why was machi brought up over runzler?

    anyway...stuff happens...this is a fun team to watch and dang if beer belly park isnt like a mausoleum during game play...i could clearly hear the cat calls when giants players were up at bat.

    terrible start time tomorrow

    does donnie baseball get the entire season to right the ship in dodger town?


    1. It sounds like the Giants really want Runzler and Hembree to get some more work in at Fresno before they call them up. They took a flyer on Machi. If he does great, they caught lightning in a bottle. If not, I get the strong impression that he is on a very short leash and they will move on to someone else.

      Yeah, if there were any MLB advance scouts watching this game, Belt is going to see nothing but FB's up on the hands and sliders at the back foot until he proves he can handle them.

      Love, love love what Crawford is doing. As long has he gets his bat up above his shoulder in time, I see no reason why he cannot keep it going. With his fielding and the position he plays, all he has do to is hit .260-.280 with 8-10 dingers and He's a 4 WAR player. Not too many of those around.

      Not to be complacent, but I almost feel like it is so crazy hard to win back-to-back WS, it's like playing with house money. If they repeat, and I think it's possible, that is unbelieveable fortune for us fans. If not, we can enjoy some very entertaining baseball and bask in the memories of last year.

  2. I feel all SPs should have shorter leashes in general.

    It rests the arms of the starters over the long term while allowing us to develop middle and late relief all season long instead of just jammed into the last two months.

    Bochy could have pulled Bumgarner in 6th, before the 2-run dinger, in his previous start and Cain after 5 runs were scored on him, and Casilla when he was consistently behind in the count (especially since Casilla has logged more innings than most all spring (WBC).

    I propose, for the first half of the season only, a 6-inning/3-run lead limiter: If the Giants are up by 3 or more after the 6th, pull the starter as standard procedure.

    I don't care if Zeets or Cain or MadBum or Timmy are in a groove, they can come off the mound feeling good about the groove. After all, if we take care of business they'll still get the win, they don't need to pad their stats.

    There is no good reason not to go to the guys and say, "We need for Mijares, Kontos, Casilla, Affeldt and others to have more innings so we can start developing middle and late relief in the first two months of the season." Bochy could even encourage guys who consistently take over for a certain starter to develop a rhythm of their own. Maybe Kontos and Timmy get a thing going so Timmy knows when he starts there's no pressure for him to get a CG.

    I like your blog. I recently started one so my son could have some fun.