Monday, April 8, 2013

Down on the Farm: Transactions

More transactions listed in BA"

Released:  RHP Kevin Couture, RHP Willy Lebron, RHP Mitch Mormann, RHP Shawn Sanford, RHP Kyle Vazquez, LHP Franklin Noel, LHP Matt Yourkin, 2B Carlos Willoughby, 3B Daniel Mayora, OF Mike Merganthaler.

Matt Yourkin caught on as the batting practice pitcher for the SF Giants.  That is possibly an entry into coaching.

7 day DL:  RHP Brett Bochy, RHP Drew Bowlin, RHP Jose Casilla, RHP Edward Concepcion, RHP Paul Davis, RHP Jacob Dunnington, RHP Austin Fleet, RHP Stephen Harrold, RHP Shane Loux, RHP Jon Meloan, RHP Taylor Rogers, RHP Ryan Sadowski, RHP Justin Schumer, RHP Mason Tobin, LHP Kelvin Marte, LHP Carlos Teller, C Trevor Brown, C Tyler LaTorre, C Brad Moss, C Jesus Navarro, 2B Brock Bond, 3B Myles Schroder.


  1. Surprised about Couture and Merganthaler. Willoughby is a minor bust. I had high hopes for him...

    I thought Casilla was dumped from the org last year??

    1. I can't remember Casilla's injury, I don't think it was TJ but it was a shut him down for 6 months deal. You can't give up on Santiago's bro like that!

      I'm curious what Dunnington's injury is. Not surprised Mason Tobin is on this list.