Saturday, January 12, 2013

OT: Hats off to the Niners!

Might be the best game I've ever seen them play and that includes the Montana and Steve Young years.  Just an amazing performance by Kaepernick and the entire team!


  1. Go Niners!!!

    ESPN had an article saying that Harbaugh was going to regret the move to Kap. Poor analysis, took Rodgers overall numbers without realizing that the Niners had kept him lower.

    Now have to take on the Falcons in Atlanta, they have been good on the road, hopefully can get into Super Bowl.

    1. Harbaugh went for ceiling over safety. So far, it's paying off big time.

    2. And that is exactly where a lot of coaches go wrong, going for safety alone, being a care-taker coach and not a man of his own. Not that you don't be aware of the risks either, but I think there is more "keep a steady course" managing than "managed risk taking" managing in football, heck, almost anywhere there are managers.

      The move also reminded me a bit of Bill Walsh, which for me is a good thing. Being different is how you find competitive advantage. You just have to be savvy enough to know where the fine line is. Walsh knew, I don't think any of the coaches since knew, particularly Nolan and Singletary, but Harbaugh appears to know.

      Of course, the way he separated himself from the pack was that he sought out Walsh's advice and counsel while he was at Stanford, whereas none of the 49er coaches since Walsh appeared to value his input, in fact, he was basically kicked out at one point, forgot who was in charge then, though I put a lot of that blame on the York family because I recall it happening soon after they took over. Seemed like they just wanted to cut ties with anything linked to Uncle Eddie, but my memory is foggy now.

      And I think Walsh would have done the same thing as Harbaugh in the same situation. Just look at Young/Montana.

    3. I think he attempted to stay around as a consultant during the Seifert years, but GS was never able to wear his big-boy pants with daddy still walking around the house, so Walsh needed to go.

      Did he come back in a minor role during the Erickson and/or Nolan years? I do not think he did...

    4. I think it was during Mariucci. I recall him recommending Jake the snake Plummer plus pushed to get Garcia, and he hated Drunkenmiller. He was a consultant but it seemed like they did not use him much, really stupid I think.

  2. Don't forget Kaepernick started out and was drafted as a pitcher. Decided later on football. I think he would look good in either a Giants or 49ers uniform. Bet he would lead the Giants in stolen bases.

  3. Go Niners!!

    I give Jim Harbaugh and the Niners Org. all the credit for drafting and developing CK. He was the 5th QB taken in the draft and the Niners moved up to get him. There were doubters out there like former Hawaii coach June Jones who people think as a QB guru who believed that CK wasn't an accurate enough passer to make it in the NFL. I do remember him having a bad game or two against Hawaii. It would nice if the Niners follow the Giants Baseball success by appearing in the Super Bowl!!


  4. And don't forget that this allowed the Niners to pick Aldon Smith too, two great picks, enabled by waiting.