Friday, January 4, 2013

DrB's 2013 Giants Top 50 Prospects #17: Edwin Escobar

Edwin Escobar, LHP.  DOB:  4/22/1992.  6'1", 185 lbs.  B-L, T-L.

Low A:  7-8, 2.96, 130.2 IP, 32 BB, 122 K, GO/AO= 1.07.

Edwin Escobar broke out last year after 3 unimpressive seasons of professional ball. He was originally signed as an international free agent in 2008 by the Texas Rangers.  In the summer of 2009, he had an ERA of 5.00 in the AZL but with 48 K's against 16 BB in 45 IP.  He was traded to the Giants just prior to the 2010 season for LHP Ben Snyder.  The Rangers had taken Snyder in the Rule 5 draft and wanted to keep him in the organization even though he did not make the cut for the MLB club out of spring training.

The Giants assigned Escobar to Salem-Keizer in 2010 and he again had a strong K rate of 69 but with 40 BB in 63 IP for a 4.86 ERA.  2011 saw a regression as he allowed 12 ER in just 6 IP for low A Augusta and then put up a 5.09 ERA back in the AZL.  I do not know if injuries played a role in 2011.  Fred Stanley said he went through a "dead arm" period after the Giants acquired him.

2012 saw him back in Augusta and he put together a fine season with the line posted above.  He got stronger as the season progressed with a 2.44 ERA over his last 10 starts.

As for a scouting report, the best info I have seen is from Fred Stanley's interview with Joe Ritzo on Stanley has him throwing 90-95 with 2 different breaking balls and an ability to work both sides of the plate.  I think we will probably see him in San Jose in 2013 which will be very deep in young pitching.


  1. OT: I was debating whether to put this here or for Crick, but don't think anyone will look at one that far back.

    Mike Newman of Fangraphs (and Sally League blogger) answered a question on Giants trio of pitchers:

    Comment From Karana
    Of the Giants pitching trio of Clayton Blackburn, Kyle Crick, and Chris Stratton, who do you think will be the most important major leaguer to the team in the future?

    Mike Newman: Crick. He has a chance to be one of the top 8-10 RHP prospects in baseball by this time next year.

    1. Comment From Anthony
      Thoughts on SS Joe Panik? Can you see him being any more than a utility guy?

      Mike Newman: I like him as a solid all-around 2B. Nothing really special, but a nice heir to the Scutaro throne.

    2. Thanks for sharing that, ogc. I saw Newman had a chat up, but didn't look at it yet. He rarely comments on Giants prospects because he won't comment on prospects he hasn't personally seen. I think he had a close friend scout Augusta this last summer so he is basing it on information from someone he obviously trusts. I would say I agree with him on both the Crick comment and the Panik comment. Solid all-around 2B is a pretty good return on a late first round draft pick as we have noted many times. To get a top 10 RHP prospect out of a supplemental first rounder would be stupendous!

      The great part is Stratton and Blackburn both have solid #2 or #3 starter potential too.

  2. news and views from bacci

    adrianza suffered a shoulder injury which cut short his winter season

    giants strengthened pen depth by signing proctor and our old friend sadowski to minor league deals

    d-train signed a minor league deal with the cubbies

    in the nwl, yakima is moving to hillsborough and a brand new park

    monell went yard for a slam tonite in pr finals

    and then there is this

    buster found a gm that called the post season a crapshoot...give that man an extension


    that he doesnt get why both the giants and a's should be ranked high, should put his butt on the hotseat

    crapshoot the postseason may be....marathon the reg season def is....and its all about depth in pitching...that is what both the giants and a's shared. that, and putting the concept of team before the I as the I can be dealt with during the offseason

    pitching depth and defense....the two things the giants had that the tigers didnt

    and if anyone has enough scratch, craw's sis in law is selling pure breed cute muppet dogs...for enough scratch, maybe you can get your's signed

    thats all for tonite...stay warm

    1. Not good news about Adrianza.

      Like the Proctor signing. Maybe the Giants can fix him. Like the way the Giants give old farmhands second and third chances when they are down and out. Paid off big time with Vogie.

      Sorry, don't need any cute muppet dogs.

  3. sorry, forgot to note that they are firming up the coaching staffs and davenport got a bump to manage salk, while they are moving trebelhorn to assist with both salk and rookie az

    i like that the giants have learned from some mistakes in the past and are working hard to hold onto their coaching staffs and keep consistent the org philosophy...

    think its also good for the coaches' resumes, in that they can show longevity and malleability

    kline and decker still mia, but word is both still with org

    1. Bacci! Where'd you hear about Ehire? He has had some nagging injuries lately. Thanks for the updates on the coaches. I agree with you about the Giants keeping a consistent org philosophy.

    2. one of the bobbie evans hot stove chats

  4. One of Bacci's favorites, Thomas Neal was DFA by the Indians to make room on the 40 man roster for Swisher. Since the Giants is one of the few teams with room on the 40 man, what are your thoughts on the Giants resigning Neal. Seems like a low risk pickup. He also has options left, so if he doesn't make the 25, I think he can still be stashed in Fresno.

    1. I would love to see the Giants sign Thomas Neal and give him a chance to win a 5'th OF spot in spring training. I could see him platooning with Blanco in LF or even winning the job outright.