Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Kudos to the Niners!

No, I'm not turning this into a Niners' blog, but this team did give the Giants a lot of emotional support on the Giants way to a World Series Championship.  Man, did they ever get it done today, or what?  I think they came out a bit tentative due to all the crowd noise in that echo chamber, but once they got their feet on the ground, they just dominated.

I hope we see some stories of Giants players returning the support they got from the Niners as we lead up to the Super Bowl.

Oh, and nobody deserves this more than Frank Gore who has been a warrior on a lot of bad teams and is finally on a team deserving of his talents and heart.


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  2. The game was kind of reminiscent of the Giants last chance victories on the road to the World Series.

    Anyway, lots of Giants fans are Niner fans, so I'm OK with the occasional shoutout to the Niners, plus, it's the Super Bowl!

    I do feel sorry for Alex Smith, though. I think Harbaugh did what he had to do, and supported him on that, but after all that Alex went through as a Niner, to have this happen, must sting really bad. I just want to applaud his performances and thank him for helping us reach this point again.

    Yeah, hopefully the Giants show open support for the Niners now.

  3. I could easily see Kaepernick as a closer for the Giants had he not chosen football.

  4. Alex Smith is a good guy, and has been supportive while having lost his spot because of the concussion. Yeah, he kind of got Wally Pipped. But, I'm not sure the 9ers are in the Super Bowl with him under center. He sure can't move like Kaepernick. And that's where the NFL is headed towards more and more: Quarterbacks who can run.

    Smith will get a chance to compete somewhere as a starter next year. Raiders maybe?

    1. I don't know. I don't follow football as closely as I used to, but it sure looks to me like the NFL has moved way past QB's in the mold of Alex Smith. Hate to say this, but I'm not at all sure Joe Montana in his prime would cut it as an NFL QB right now. You've got to be able to not just bet the ball deep and get it to the sidelines but with the coverages, you have to be able to get it there on a frozen rope. You also have to be able to run like a RB or receiver not just to pick up yardage but to buy time while being chased by behemoths who can run like return guys.