Saturday, January 19, 2013

DrB's 2013 Giants Top 50 Prospects #31: Mason McVay

Mason McVay, LHP.  DOB:  8/15/1990.  6'7", 230 lbs.  B-L, T-L.

Short Season:  1-0, 1.19, 30.1 IP, 13 BB, 43 K's, 1 Save, GO/AO= 1.42, BAA= .207.

Mason McVay is a jumbo sized LHP drafted in round 26 of the 2013 draft out of Florida International.  McVay made a successful transition to starting for FIU in 2012 and put up an ERA of 3.36 with 72 K's in 64 IP.  On the downside, he also walked 41, but as you can see, he cut down on the walk rate in a small pro sample size after the draft.  He reportedly hit 94 MPH with the fastball as a college reliever but sat 87-90 as a starter.  His secondary pitches are described as "fringy."  He is a Tommy John surgery survivor.

Maybe the Giants were able to tweak something to get the walk rate down?  A LHP that size who can pound the zone, get the K's and keep the ball on the ground is a very valuable commodity who might even have a chance to move back into a starting role.  I think you could make a case for putting McVay higher on this list, but no matter where you put him, it sure is great to have a guy like him all the way down on the fringes of a top 30 prospects list!


  1. Man, that dude is old. Are you sure he can still pitch? :-p

  2. DOB: 8/15/1090? Wow, that makes him the oldest player ever, by far!

  3. If there was anyone I thought should be higher, it would be Mason. I am just irrationally exuberant about him.

    They must Have some gurus helping out, Cain was wild early on, and Lincecum was horribly wild in college. Hopefully they found the key with him.