Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Down on the Farm: Your 2018 San Jose Giants

Same caveats about late changes apply.  Here are your 2018 San Jose Giants:

Pitchers:  Melvin Adon RHP, Sandro Cabrera LHP, Michael Cederoth RHP, Carlos Diaz LHP, Mac Marshall LHP, Rodolfo Martinez RHP, Conner Menez LHP, DJ Myers RHP, Dylan Rheault RHP, Nolan Riggs RHP, Patrick Ruotolo RHP, Raffi Vizcaino RHP, Logan Webb RHP.

Cachers:  Matt Winn, Jeff Arnold.

Infielders:  Gio Brusa 1B, Frandy De La Rosa IF, Wander Franco 3B, Jalen Miller 2B, Brandon Van Horn SS.

Outfielders:  Sandro Fabian, Johneshwy Fargas, Jacob Heyward, Bryce Johnson, Heath Quinn.

Fabian is the top dude to watch here by a fair margin.  If he has a successful age 20 season in San Jose, we should start seeing him in discussions about the top 100 prospects in baseball.

Pivotal season for Heath Quinn, Gio Brusa and Jalen Miller who all need to get over the hump and move up to AA by next season.

Van Horn has a reputation as a superior defender at SS. If he can hit at all, he'll start to become a legitimate MLB prospect.

Jeff Arnold is like having an extra coach on the team.  He has an excellent reputation for bringing the best out in pitchers.

I would say the SP's look like Adon, Menez, Vizcaino, Webb and maybe Cabrera or Marshall.  The rest look like bullpen arms.  Will the Closer be Ruotolo or Rodolfo?

Overall, this team could really struggle as it's best player is young for the league.  To be successful, at least 2 of Brusa, Miller and Quinn really need to step it up and several pitchers need to break out.  That's a lot to ask.


  1. Not the most exciting unit outside of Fabian.

    1. Yeah. Its not what they usually do, but with a new regime, I hope they push some of the Augusta kids up if they show some life.

  2. Yeah, really excited to see what Fabian could do in Advanced A-ball. He had a really nice second half in 2017, after a slow start, really figured things out, so I can't wait to see how he does in San Jose.

    Is it my memory, but shouldn't Rodolfo Martinez be higher? I can't remember, did he injure his arm or something, in my head, I thought he was a high MPH reliever who was higher up the ladder than this. Maybe he and Ruotolo could trade off? Closer one night, setup next?

    Thanks for the info and the great comments, as usual! Gets us revved for the regular season!

  3. Van Horn: He did improve to .262 last year.

    Adon: I read he has the best fastball of any Giants' prospect. (Baseball America.) Over-all BA rates him the 5th best pitching prospect in the farm system. MLB.COM gives him a 75 grade for his FB. It sits 95-98 as a starter and peaks at 102 coming out of the bullpen.

    1. Yeah, Adon is another good one to follow, real good stuff!

  4. Replies
    1. Good question about Beltre. The answer is not good. He had a fractured tibia and will likely be out for at least the first half of the season.

    2. Ah. That’s a bummer after he finally played a full year.